Where No Speculator Has Gone Before

by Norman Robinson III

Uhura_distracts_Hikaru_Sulu_mirror-300x225 Where No Speculator Has Gone BeforeMany fantastic and wonderous things came out of the 60s. Some of the most interesting 60s innovations were: the first computer game (Space Wars), BASIC computer language, the compact disc, the first handheld calculator, the period piece in every movie about the 60s, the Lava Lamp, and the thing we all rely on today, the first Internet (ARPAnet). However, from a creative perspective, we need to add one commercial juggernaut that has had a huge cultural impact throughout the world: Star Trek.

Star Trek captured the imagination of a generation, a country, and eventually the world. This trek across the stars has fostered a positive world view of the future. A future that has humanity bar hopping the galaxy while singing kumbaya. There are millions of fans of Star Trek. The genre has spawned “The Star Trek Original Series, an animated series, six spin-off television series, and thirteen films”(Wiki). In addition, Wikipedia forgot to include comic books. Golden Keys produced the first comic book for Trek, Star Trek #1. This huge key is rarely written about, almost overlooked in the comic book collecting world, and possibly an opportunity to pick up a Silver Age key for Sci-Fi genre at a very reasonable price. After all, Trek continues to produce hit movies and TV series (I know Discover is not all that, but still it pushes the genre forward). Can this key book be a treasure chest of Quatloo for the savvy speculator?



119760_e047cb1d312915dafe8a27ae55d7308d7b73a343-201x300 Where No Speculator Has Gone BeforeStar Trek #1

The publisher for this comic is Gold Key. It is rare that they are worth anything. Interestingly this key has photo covers on the first nine issues. Something that Gold Key did occasionally back in the day. This isn’t Marvel or DC and that is probably why this book has been gathering popularity dust so to speak.

Star Trek #1 was created on July 10, 1967, by Nevio Zaccara (inks and pencils), the story was by Dick Wood. It was patterned after the hit series that came out in 1966. Usually, raw copies are pretty torn up from this time period. In 1967 there were very few collectors and no speculative market to speak of. This book has my three personal favorite Star Trek actors on the cover. It has William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and the ever political George Takei (“Oh my….”). If you like Trek this is a nice key to own and a great conversation piece. What can we expect for a trend return long-term?



Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Star Trek #1 9.4 $7,500 11 +31%
6.5 $249 56 +17.3%
3.5 $219 45 +35.2%


Kirk_salutes_to_his_crew-300x224 Where No Speculator Has Gone BeforeConclusion

The comic book Star Trek #1 has much further to go in our speculation Galaxy. It has minuscule numbers in CGC Census, has been mostly overlooked, and could have a return trend of between positive +17-35% into the foreseeable future. This is a book for someone new to collecting or even someone beginning to realize the value of Silver Age comics, after a decade spent on the Modern Age. In my opinion, this is a great book to own. If you still aren’t convinced ask yourself, “What would Kirk do?”

This is a true Kirkian moment, you need to decide. Are you a bold star-spanning speculator; or a Klingon in disguise? In the immortal words of Captain Kirk, “Be that man! Find the reason for making it stick! You can defend yourself better than any man in the fleet. In my cabin is a (Star Trek #1)“…that will make you invincible.” Do you know the name of the episode this Kirk quote is from? Any true fan of the original series would know! If you figure it out; then give me a shout out in our comments section.

All fun aside, this is a solid bet on the future of Star Trek. Want to seal the deal, buy Star Trek #1 with CGC Signature Series autographed by one of the original cast. You will be so happy you will be graced with the Kirk smirk. Happy Trekking!

“Live long and prosper.”


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