Where Are the Thor Sales?

by Matt Tuck

116119_54646a69fad28c5615c8d12fa7becee9a9dc5d1b-201x300 Where Are the Thor Sales?

Were you among the droves of collectors who readied for the “Thor: Ragnarok” hype to boost Thor sales? Did you invest in key Thor comics in preparation of the newfound interest in the characters found in the movie?

So far in November, you are short on luck.

From October 31 to November 12, the market analysis on graded eBay sales shows that only one Thor title is inside the top 50 Hottest Comics for that time period – and that one has next to nothing to do with “Thor: Ragnarok.”

I’m referring to “The Mighty Thor” #337, the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill, and it is the 12th hottest graded comic on eBay. If you’ve seen the movie, our favorite cosmic horseman isn’t mentioned nor does he make a cameo. Sure, his face is clearly etched onto the side of The Grandmaster’s tower, but that’s it.

What have been moving up in sales due to the success of the new movie are “Journey into Mystery” #85 and “Avengers” #83.

The 1962 silver age classic, “Journey” #85 marked the debut of Loki, Odin, Asgard, and Heimdall, so it would be a bigger shock if collectors weren’t moving copies of this one. Plus, being an older key, it’s expensive (anything graded a 6.0 and above averages over $1,000), so being the 70th-hottest comic in November is fitting; it’s simply too expensive to go much higher.

Judging by the events in “Ragnarok,” Valkyrie will be playing a bigger part in future Thor and possibly Avengers movies. That helped boost sales of her first appearance, which is 85th nearly halfway through November.


What’s eye-opening is that the next Thor-related comic is all the way in spot 167, and that’s “Silver Surfer” #4 in which Thor and Silver Surfer first meet.

The next most popular graded Thor comic on eBay is selling not because of Thor but because it’s the first appearance of the New Warriors. “The Mighty Thor” #412 is picking up steam, yes, but it’s not exactly hot since it’s not even in the top 200.

What’s more is that graded sales of the “Planet Hulk” storyline in “Incredible Hulk” #92-105 as well as “Giant-Size Hulk” #1 are not on the Hottest Comics list, either. Considering the popularity of Planet Hulk in the comics and the excitement over the Planet Hulk theme in “Ragnarok,” it’s interesting that these comics are not selling better, at least in graded form.


(Yes, I made the “Hela-cool” joke. Yes, it’s overdone, but I couldn’t help myself.)

As I mentioned only a few paragraphs ago, collectors are giving attention to Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and Heimdall, but what about Hela?

Normally, when a movie debuts a classic character from the Marvel Universe and puts that character in a featured role, the sales for the first appearance skyrockets. This is not the case with Hela.

The main antagonist for Thor in “Ragnarok,” Cate Blanchett brought Hela to life on the silver screen. Fans are generally satisfied with the portrayal, and the movie is getting positive reviews. But what about that first appearance in “Journey into Mystery” #102? It’s nowhere to be found in the Hottest Comics list. It’s not even in the top 1,000.

If “Ragnarok” doesn’t have too big of a drop off in the box office over the rest of the month, I expect that sales of “Journey” #102 will pick up.

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