When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?

by Matt Tuck

X-Men-Gambit-and-Rogue-206x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?When the X-Men arrive in the MCU, the team’s renegade power couple could finally get their due, with some company, of course. Time for some X-Men Speculation!

X-Men Speculation with the MCU

In bringing the X-Men back to life, Marvel Studios will have to use at least some of the characters that have already been in a movie. What I expect is for them to cherry-pick the ones who haven’t gotten too much of the spotlight (with one exception on today’s list, that is).

As far as Gambit and Rogue, their love story could be the heart of a new batch of films. Marvel doesn’t like rehashing characters from other franchises, but their romance is something Fox left of its movies. For that matter, the two could carry their own movie given their popularity.

That being said, let’s delve further into Gambit, Rogue, and three more X-Men Marvel Studios may consider for the silver screen in this episode of X-Men Speculation.

Possible X-Character Features

Uncanny-X-Men-266-193x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?GAMBIT

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266

There were years of rumors that Fox was putting together a Gambit solo film with Channing Tatum in the starring role. This had Wolverine: Origins-bad written all over it, which is fitting since that was the only time we saw a live-action Remy LeBeau. I’m skeptical about Disney’s handling of the franchise. In this case, I’m glad they canceled the project.

It’s time for the X-Men’s resident Cajun to turn a new leaf. Of all the X-Men creations from the 1990s, I would argue that Gambit is second only to Deadpool in terms of popularity. I can’t see him being left out of the MCU franchise.

X-Men-Rogue-art-186x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?ROGUE

First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10

Rogue is the aforementioned exception (better yet, X-ception). Anna Paquin turned in two memorable performances in the original X-Men movies. However, we didn’t see the Rogue from the comics, and the rumor is that it will change.

It’s speculated that Rogue will be the villain in Captain Marvel 2. That opens the door for her to follow the comic storyline and steal Carol Danvers’ cosmic powers. Then we can get the Rogue that X-Men fans know and love. If we get an adult Rogue on the big screen, we certainly need Gambit to complete the X-Men power couple.


Moira-X-page-195x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?MOIRA X

First Appearance (as Moira MacTaggert): X-Men #96

First Appearance (as Moira X): House of X #2

I’ve written before that Jonathan Hickman’s upgraded Moira MacTaggert could be the linchpin for mutants in the MCU. We saw her in X-Men: Apocalypse as an Indiana Jones-type character. However, she would serve a much bigger purpose as the reincarnating Moira X who has seen nine previous lives and knows what is inevitably in store for her fellow mutants.



X-Men-64-199x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?SUNFIRE

First Appearance: X-Men #64

We got a quick taste of Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but we have yet to see Sunfire. He’s one of the older ex-team members to not be featured in live-action.

Sunfire is often written as arrogant and with a highly combustible temper, which leads to clashes with the other X-Men. That would play out well on screen and add conflict within the heroes’ ranks. So, if Cyclops is left off the MCU roster, Sunfire could take his place to verbally spar with, say, Wolverine.



X-Men-Fantomex-art-181x300 When are Gambit and Rogue Coming to the MCU?FANTOMEX

First Appearance: New X-Men #128

I didn’t care much for Fantomex in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run. Then Rick Remender’s fantastic writing on Uncanny X-Force sold me on the cyber-mutant. He has such an interesting personality, and his moral ambiguity would play well in a screenplay. Plus his inter-dimensional travel already has a set up waiting in the current MCU.


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