What’s The Deal With Daredevil?

by Robert D'Ottavi

amazing-spider-man-newton-16-2-300x166 What's The Deal With Daredevil?Oh, sweet Daredevil. How I have missed you so! Since the Netflix series abruptly concluded on November 29, 2018, the Man Without Fear has gone missing. Leading many to ask what’s the deal with Daredevil?

Prices for his debut comic book, Daredevil #1 have dropped and the character has been mostly forgotten by the zeitgeist. While many (myself included) loved the gritty, rawness of it all, deep down, I think we all knew that a reboot would occur to properly put the character alongside Spider-Man and the Avengers. When Disney announced that it was launching its own streaming service (Disney+), that was the final nail in the coffin. Daredevil was a goner, sooner rather than later.

Since late 2018, we have been desperate for Daredevil content. There is no rumored recasting or potential release date. But, fear not! There is a very good reason as to why that is the case. According to Newsarama, the Marvel Netflix characters (DaredevilJessica JonesIron Fist, Luke Cage and The Punisher) have an incredibly strict 2-year non-appearance clause. This means that none of those characters seen on a Marvel Netflix show are legally allowed to appear in a Marvel Studios production until this clause ends. November 29 of this year will mark a tremendous occasion, as that is the day Disney and Marvel Studios can legally use The Man Without Fear once more.

What’s The Deal With Daredevil? Time.

719055_daredevil-1-199x300 What's The Deal With Daredevil?

While many have advised against investing in Daredevil #1, I say the opposite. Unlike X-Men #1 or Amazing Fantasy #15, a good grade of Daredevil’s first appearance will not cost you a house. For example, a 6.5 grade of Daredevil #1 sold for $3,200 (USD) in January of this year. A few months after the show’s cancellation, I went and bought myself a 4.5 grade on eBay for $1,100 (USD). At the moment, Daredevil #1 is in a downturn. But, I can’t see this lasting much longer.

Think about it like this for a second: The Daredevil show on Netflix was one of the streaming service’s most popular programs and come November 29 this year, Marvel Studios will inherit a character whose hardest work (getting the general audience to know who the hell they are) has been done for them. Marvel Studios would be foolish not to greenlight a new Daredevil film/series or pop him into the forthcoming Spider-Man threequel. Of course, with the Daredevil character becoming available to use once more, that would also mean Marvel can legally use longtime Spider-Man antagonist, the Kingpin, who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #50.

If I were you, and looking for a long-term investment, I would look at Daredevil #1Amazing Spider-Man #50 or Amazing Spider-Man #16, which featured the first-ever team-up between Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Now, I am not saying that Daredevil will appear in the untitled Spider-Man 3. Nor am I saying that Marvel will announce a new Daredevil Disney+ show or a film set in the MCU. But, as of right now? Daredevil #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #50 are two goldmines literally waiting to happen. I would be astonished if by July of 2021, we have not heard anything regarding Daredevil or the Kingpin in the MCU. So, coming full circle here, what’s the deal with Daredevil? Anticlimactically, time.


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Bill McDonald February 27, 2020 - 10:14 am

Great article, what are your thoughts on a daughters of dragon in the mcu. Also strange tales 169 is going nuts, but people are sleeping on new avengers 54 sdcc. I look forward to your next article

Robert D'Ottavi February 27, 2020 - 6:15 pm

Thanks, Bill!

As far as the Daughters in the MCU, I’m not too sure. I think it would be an interesting film or Disney+ show to make, but I would say they’d have to reintroduce Iron Fist and Luke Cage first (especially following the disappointing box office of Birds of Prey). I have read rumours that Brother Voodoo will be in DS 2, so I think investing there makes sense.

Fred March 11, 2020 - 1:48 pm

What do you think about DD 2. I think this book is way undervalued for a 2nd appearance of a major silver age hero? Typically you see the value of second appearance about half of the first appearance. DD2 is not even close. it is also the 2nd appearance of Electro.


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