What’s After the Spider-Verse? Spider-Geddon

by James Jou

739402_edge-of-spider-geddon-1-197x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonThe 2018 animated Into the Spider-Verse movie featured seven unique Spider-People from different realities; which was a manageable amount to begin with, but hopefully some more Spiders will also get some screen time in the sequel. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a few, as a whole “Spider-Army” exists.

The “Spider-Verse” comics already got their sequel in the form of “Spider-Geddon.”  Granted, outside the name the first Into the Spider-Verse took little from the comics plot-wise, it is nevertheless a good place to look for characters and ideas that might get future consideration.  Here we seek to showcase some of these other Spider-People that would make excellent additions to the Miles Morales team.



736768_amazing-spider-man-10-195x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonSPIDER-PUNK

Before Aaron Davis took on the Prowler identity, the first instance was actually Hobart “Hobie” Brown. In an alternate universe where Norman “Ozzy” Osborn becomes the president of the country, Hobie is instead the person bitten by a radioactive spider. By combining his love of punk rock and his newfound spider abilities, Hobie becomes the guitar-wielding “Spider-Punk;” whose first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Vol. 3, 2015). Hobie’s spider and music theme extend further to a music career with a band named the “Spider-Slayers.” In life and music, Hobie takes great inspiration from the Gwen Stacy of his reality, who according to him is (was) the “most influential musician – the greatest artist – of our generation.”



150196_04d3c9a6f022e0b8a199a52d1e4ea2ab7f34d412-195x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonSIX-ARMED SPIDER-MAN

The Six-Armed Spider-Man that could be recruited should, in theory, be from an alternate reality, which is the one from What If? #42 (Vol. 2, 1992); but in light of that, the first appearance of a six-armed Spider-Man is in The Six Arms Saga, contained in issues Amazing Spider-Man #100–102 (1971). It might be easy to compare the situation to the classic first appearance debate of continuity vs published date (a la Jane Foster’s Thor), but if the specific Spider-Man utilized is “Six-Armed Spider-Man” then the separate and distinct Spider-Man being referred to should be the What If? one. As in, even if the What If? series is a hypothetical scenario that doesn’t fit into the main continuity, should the movie decide to pull from the hypothetical What If? reality/series then that “Six-Armed Spider-Man” supersedes the first Spider-Man who had six arms. Nitpicking, but either way, both comics are definitely worth checking out.



743050_spider-geddon-3-hawthorne-variant-198x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonLEOPARDON

The first Spider-Verse movie didn’t shy away from the anime-inspired Peni and her SP//dr suit; perhaps the next one might go all out with the larger and historically significant robot, “Leopardon.” Leopardon’s first appearance was on the Japanese live-action TV series in the 70s, with its owner being the show’s Spider-Man, Takuya Yamashiro. The giant robot’s first comic appearance was almost a half-century later in Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Vol. 3, 2015); pictured on the right is a different issue, a variant of Spider-Geddon 3.

To add fuel to the possible fire, in the first Spider-Verse movie Miles even has a drawing of Leopardon in his room; so at the very least Leopardon is on someone’s mind.



713592_c695cd283d1fbff227c8ab782818070b69aa587e-198x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonSCARLET SPIDER

In the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon comics, the Scarlet Spider in the story is Peter Parker’s clone Kaine Parker, whose first appearance as the Scarlet Spider was in Scarlet Spider #2 (Vol. 2, 2012). It is important to note that the first Scarlet Spider was Ben Reilly, a clone from the Clone Saga arc, who took on Uncle Ben’s name and first became the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118 (1994). Perhaps a sequel Spider-Verse movie could see the Scarlet Spider that gets introduced have his backstory further changed to be that of a Miles Morales clone? Could be interesting.



166820_9a87bce058404c5881b19b8d052d6f085ce12318-197x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonTHE INHERITORS

With so many Spider-Heroes including ones not even mentioned here, what compelling antagonist can pose a challenge? In the comics, the answer was Morlun and the Inheritors, who are vampires that feed on the Spider-Heroes. It is their Great Hunt that helped initiate the various Spiders to gather together and fight back. Morlon’s first appearance occurred in The Amazing Spider-Man #30 (Vol. 2, 2001), which was over a decade earlier than the Inheritors’ first team (family) appearance in The Superior Spider-Man #33 (2014). On a random speculative thought: Given Sony’s upcoming Morbius live-action movie, it is conceivable that should they pursue this Inheritors route they could easily take the liberty of hot-swapping Morlun out for Morbius.



760423_spider-geddon-5-195x300 What’s After the Spider-Verse?  Spider-GeddonCAPTAIN UNIVERSE (Miles Morales)

Comic back full circle with Miles Morales, the Spider-Geddon story event ultimately led to a final showdown between the Spider-People and the Inheritors in Spider-Geddon #5 (2018). After Solus, leader of the Inheritors, kills the Peter Parker in a universe in which he kept his cosmic powers as Captain Universe, the Enigma Force (aka Uni-Power) transforms Miles into Captain Universe. With his new powers, Miles is able to put up a fight against the Inheritors help defeat them.




“A hero isn’t the one who always wins. It’s the one who always tries.” – Miles Morales


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