Whatever Happened to Warlock?

by Jamal K.

1-2-300x169 Whatever Happened to Warlock?In the end-credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, we see a figure within a gold birthing pod. Adam Warlock hasn’t been seen since. Although the gold cocoon hid Warlock from the audience, this was a clear reference to the cocoon in which Warlock first appeared in Fantastic Four #67. Despite his bizarre entrance into the MCU as an end-credit scene, Warlock hasn’t been seen or heard from since, to the dismay of many fans and collectors. Warlock has never made the “A-List” of Marvel characters. However, he has a strong cult following who are eager to see him hit the big screen. The question is, how?

The High Evolutionary

2-1-198x300 Whatever Happened to Warlock?Ego appeared as the main villain against the intergalactic crew in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Ego’s introduction could be the entry point for the High Evolutionary as we see in Thor #133, Thor combats Ego, setting up the stage for the High Evolutionary and the kidnapping of Jane Foster in the next issue. The High Evolutionary makes his first appearance in Thor #134 where he is depicted as a mad scientist who experiments on human-animal hybrids such as Rocket Racoon, a featured character of the franchise. If the High Evolutionary were to eventually make it to .

the MCU, it’s possible it could tie-in the origin story of Adam Warlock.

In Thor #166, Thor battles an artificially created perfect human named “Him.” Him encapsulated himself in a gold cocoon and flew off into space in the midst of the battle. Though first appearing in Thor #165, “Him” is not referred to as “Warlock” until he encounters the High Evolutionary while in space in Marvel Premiere #1.  The High Evolutionary explains to Him that he always wanted the perfect son to travel the universe with.  He then hands him the first Infinity Gem in the Marvel universe, the Soul Gem.

With the Soul Gem in Him’s possession, the High Evolutionary renames him “Warlock.” He now had the power to capture other’s souls. It’s important to note that this all takes place on Counter-Earth. There, human-animal hybrids rule the planet, likely creations similar to Rocket Racoon.  It’s possible Warlock’s origin story could be told within the same film. Especially if the High Evolutionary is going to be introduced as a villain in a Guardians of the Galaxy film

The Infinity Watch

3-2-195x300 Whatever Happened to Warlock?

The Infinity Watch was a team first put together by Adam Warlock in Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1. The team was designed by the Living Tribunal. In the beginning, it was led by Adam Warlock.  He led in order to prevent the assembling of the Infinity Gems and Gauntlet ever again. This team was later assembled and led by Doctor Strange in order to prevent Thanos from reacquiring the Infinity Gems in Infinity Countdown #5

I believe Doctor Strange’s second assembling of the team is more likely to hit the MCU. The reason I believe this is that the members of the team are highly relevant. This is both to the MCU’s other characters and plotlines. Characters such as – Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Star Lord, Turk Barret, in addition to Adam Warlock. If we see the new rise of Thanos and the need for an Infinity Watch team after Avengers Endgame, it’s more likely the team from Infinity Countdown #5 would hit the big screen. 

The King in Black

4-2-300x219 Whatever Happened to Warlock? Keeping in line with the connection between the Living Tribunal and Adam Warlock, the crew at Pressable Defects made a pretty astonishing and well-researched case that the “God of Light” may in fact be the Living Tribunal and Adam Warlock reprising a similar role as the Infinity Watch. Warlock is absent from major Marvel events in recent memory, let alone not having a solo-title since the early 1990s. Maybe Donny Cates is bringing Adam Warlock back to life in the current Marvel event of King in Black? This remains to be seen but would be very interesting to see how it plays out.


Adam Warlock is missing in action in the MCU, Marvel events, and even solo-titles. Therefore, we are bound to finally see him in a big way. The question is how and where? Will it be in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel? Will it be in a new war for the Infinity Gems? Or, will he be making a surprise comeback in the King in Black as the “God of Light”? However it happens, it’s worth researching and purchasing Warlock keys now while the market’s current focus is elsewhere.

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