What If…? Episode #8: a Holy Grail of Easter Eggs

by Matt Tuck

092921A-300x157 What If...? Episode #8: a Holy Grail of Easter EggsWhat If…? Episode #8 may have teased the long-awaited introduction of [SPOILER] into the MCU, and the Easter egg will have immediate effects on the market for a holy grail key. SPOILERS AHEAD…. You’ve been warned!


After the comedic antics of “Party Thor,” What If…? Episode #8 leaned into the drama with Easter eggs galore. But all of us were deceived, for Marvel Studios forged another Easter egg to rule them all.

At the conclusion of Episode 7, Thor witnessed the invasion of an Ultron variant with the power of all six Infinity Stones. The latest episode proves that was only the tip of a titanic iceberg.

Through the Watcher’s narration, we learn that this universe’s Ultron successfully transferred his consciousness into Vision’s body. That made him so powerful that he was able to wipe out the Avengers single-handedly. Even more impressive, he kills Thanos within seconds and takes the Infinity Stones for himself. Armed with the stones, the godlike Ultron lays waste to countless worlds until he is the only being left in the universe. That’s when things got interesting.

Galactus-What-If-300x132 What If...? Episode #8: a Holy Grail of Easter Eggs

Ultron becomes aware of the Watcher and the Multiverse. He descends upon universe after universe until he finds Uatu. As they are battling through time and space, What If…? drops its most significant Easter egg yet. At the 23:28 mark, Ultron lifts his helmet and opens his mouth as if to devour a galaxy. The image is framed with the purple coloring to give Ultron the distinct appearance of Galactus.

Is this a hint of bigger things to come? Perhaps, but we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, one of the holiest of Marvel’s holy grails will get an immediate bump.

ff48-200x300 What If...? Episode #8: a Holy Grail of Easter EggsFANTASTIC FOUR #48

How much more expensive can this issue get? Quite, and Episode 8’s Galactus Easter egg could be just the beginning.

When Disney acquired Fox and all its movie properties, fans began waiting with baited breath for anything related to the Fantastic Four and its family of characters. After Endgame saw Thanos’ defeat, many theorists proclaimed Galactus as the next threat to the MCU. Get ready for those theories to get a new coat of paint as What If…?’s massive Easter egg breaks the internet.

With such a direct reference to the Devourer of Worlds, those FF #48s are going to reach new heights quickly, and the low grades tell the story. Last week, a 0.5 sold for a record $850. When the lowest of grades is already knocking on the door of $1k, things will get serious after word of the Galactus Easter egg spreads.


Before the first episode of What If…? streamed on Disney+, the showrunners have teased that Marvel could have bigger plans for the characters and events of the alternate-reality series. Reportedly everything from What If…? was on the table for use in the live-action MCU, be it movies or other streaming series.

Out of everything we have seen so far, Ultron/Galactus would be the best character to cross the Multiverse and enter the world of live action. That is pure speculation on my part, and it could be nothing more than a tease. In any event, at least we will see more of Ultron before the end of What If…?’s first season.

What do YOU think What If…? Episode #8 means for the future of FF #48? Let us know in the comments!

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000080221A_Posters_2-Footer What If...? Episode #8: a Holy Grail of Easter Eggs

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Michael Barrett October 2, 2021 - 2:38 pm

I hope this takes off into the multiverse stratosphere as I am about to have my 9.0 FF 48 on sale at Heritage in November!!!!!!


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