What Do You Get with a Free GoCollect Subscription?

by Cassaundra Thomas

022621H2-240x300 What Do You Get with a Free GoCollect Subscription?What’s the point of getting a GoCollect Subscription if all you want to do is look up FMVs? There are SO many reasons, some of which you might not know about. I’m here to clear all that up. Here is everything you get with a free GoCollect Subscription.

The Basics

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You may already know the obvious, but let’s review what everyone can do. Other than typing in the green search bar for a comic, you can also type in either the green or the blue search bar a CGC Certification number. This can be so you can look up your own book, or so you can look up something that you see on auction somewhere. When you type that number in, you will see notes about that specific book along with the price guide.

Let’s say you’re in a shop though and want to look something up… Easy. In that same blue search bar, you can choose to take a picture or choose one from your phone. Load up a picture of a certification number and you can see the same thing without having to type anything. Not only will you get the information about that book, but you’ll also see the price guide underneath it. And no, you don’t have to always go back to the homepage to do this. When you’re on your phone you will notice by the search bar there is an arrow pointing down – when you click there you will be able to type in a certification number or upload/take a picture here as well. 


That is not all you can do, though!

Manage Your Collection

When you sign up to be a free subscriber, you will notice that throughout the site you see a button “+List”. That is because you can personalize lists in your profile. When you go to your lists, you can create a list of books you have, books you want, books to sell, and any other lists you can think of. You don’t have to be in the list though. Throughout the site you can click that +List button. When you look up a certification number, when the book gets pulled up you can click +List and it will self populate the certificate number! 

Screen-Shot-2021-02-26-at-1.48.39-PM What Do You Get with a Free GoCollect Subscription?

When you create your list this is what you will see at the top of the page.

Screen-Shot-2021-02-26-at-1.34.39-PM-218x300 What Do You Get with a Free GoCollect Subscription?Say you’ve put in 50 comics but forgot to hit “Watch” on them all. You don’t have to go into each one and click “Watch” 50 times, there’s a button for that! If you’ve included graded #’s in your list, you can see your Value Report. If you’ve filled out how much you’ve paid for things you’d be able to compare that against the value as well. This feature is for graded comics, so if you are a raw collector, you can estimate the grade and still utilize the value feature. If you don’t like the list view, you can click on Shared View and view the covers in a grid outline. You can also print, download, and move from one list to another or copy (duplicate) to another list. You can also use the shared view to change your lists’ status from private to shared, then you can give the url to potential buyers of books you wish to sell. All you need to do is put an asking price and any info you want to provide on your book and the buyer will be able to see it. 

Track Your “Wants”

For those comics that you “watch” you will get a notification on your dashboard for when those books sell. This benefits you so that you can see if the price goes up so you know when to sell, or goes down so it’s time to buy. An example of this is pictured to the left. If you decide you don’t care about tracking those comics anymore, click the red stop. To clear the notification simply click clear.

Get Updates

When you sign up to be a member you become the ultimate insider. You have the opportunity to pick what topics excite you and you will get email updates when something related to that is released on our blog or YouTube Channel. Into comics? You’ll get updates on when new valuable comic pieces get added to our blog. Prefer to up your knowledge on some video game content? You can get updates on those posts too! This means you’ll be among the first to know what is going on in the world of speculations.

As a free subscriber you will also be able to see all the times a comic sold and at what grade. You won’t be able to see how much it sold for… but you can see when and where. With this information you will be able to see which grade sells more pieces and how that coincides with the FMV. If there aren’t any FMVs and there are only 1-2 sales per grade… that’s your answer. There simply isn’t enough data for us to put an FMV on that issue. 

Wrap Up

Did you know that you could do all this in your FREE subscriber account? Imagine what all you can do with an upgraded account…  More to come on that soon… In the meantime, get your collection up and running in a free GoCollect subscription! See how much easier collecting will be by using GoCollect’s platform.


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