Werewolf by Night

by James Jou

123310_72fef7b2445d0c1c95e754a7b34fdf8bee974085-150x150 Werewolf by NightNope, not another article about Moon Knight. This article will be focusing on the title character “Werewolf by Night,” also known as Jack/Jacob Russell. The protagonist to Moon Knight’s antagonist. The original reason why Moon Knight wore all that anti-werewolf silver. Surely, the upcoming Moon Knight series will give him some sort of a nod.  Wait… this is almost turning into a Moon Knight article.

Back to the Werewolf by Night, here we look at the current market for a few of his keys.



123310_72fef7b2445d0c1c95e754a7b34fdf8bee974085-199x300 Werewolf by NightMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #2 (1972)

It is important to note that Marvel Tales #116 (1953) contained a short story titled “Werewolf by Night.” With that being said, the character Werewolf by Night first appeared almost two decades later in Marvel Spotlight #2 (1972); in which Jack Russell learns about his real father and his werewolf curse.

The sales for Marvel Spotlight #2 are shown below; this includes the higher end of CGC 9.0/9.2 and lower 8.0/8.5, which represent the top 34.2/22.2% and 61.8/48.6%, respectively.

ww_1a-300x181 Werewolf by Night ww_2b-300x180 Werewolf by Night

For the last eight years, sales prices for Marvel Spotlight #2 have been on a consistent upward trend. This positive trend was slow and steady until the past year when it noticeably accelerated upwards. It would be a good idea to keep a close eye on this to see if it is sustained over the next few months. Of minor note, is that the volume of sales for the book at CGC 9.0 grade had decreased after late-2015. Overall, again the recent increase in sales prices requires caution, but Marvel Spotlight #2 is indeed a good long term hold.



123830_4a60be876d08ec7a0506918ad9d046071b70c685-200x300 Werewolf by NightWEREWOLF BY NIGHT #1 (1972)

As with most protagonists, the higher market value of the #1 issue of their first self-titled series usually warrants inclusion. Below are sales for Werewolf by Night #1, in the grades CGC 9.2/9.4 and 8.0/8.5; the top 28.9/17.6% and 63.1/53.4%, respectively.





ww_3c-300x180 Werewolf by Night ww_4d-300x180 Werewolf by Night

The market behavior of Werewolf by Night #1 is very similar to the book above, but with the difference of an even slower upward trend. If Marvel Spotlight #2 is slow and steady, Werewolf by Night #1 is molasses. This may sound pessimistic, but on the bright side, the book still trends upwards. If you’re looking for a higher rate of growth, look elsewhere. With that being said, Werewolf by Night #1 is safe; again, not the best; but safe.



125401_8b05ea770899991cf646213f80017410acad23e0-202x300 Werewolf by NightWEREWOLF BY NIGHT #15 (1974)

In this issue, Jack journeys to Transylvania and learns about the origins of his family’s werewolf curse; a story that begins with his great ancestor Baron Grigory Russoff. Due to the low volume of sales for Werewolf by Night #15, only data for CGC 9.6 is shown below.

ww_5e-300x180 Werewolf by Night

The volume of sales for Werewolf by Night #15 is very low; especially compared to the other books mentioned in this article. Outside of the one higher-priced sale in early 2019, the sales prices were on a decline and bottomed out at just above the $100 level. The outlook for this book pales in comparison to either of the other two books examine above; Marvel Spotlight #2 or Werewolf by Night #1.



127739_90f37acc6ef652166e9a67795ede51ade73b97b7-194x300 Werewolf by NightWEREWOLF BY NIGHT #37 (1976)

This Werewolf by Night issue doesn’t contain any 1st appearances, but it has been able to attain a relatively higher-market value and sales volume; probably because of the very striking cover that features Werewolf by Night fighting against Moon Knight, Hangman, and Dr. Glitternight. The graph below shows sales for the book, graded CGC 9.6, 9.4, and 9.2 (the top 25.0%, 42.7%, and 59.9%).

ww_6f-300x181 Werewolf by Night

Sales prices for Werewolf by Night #37 have mostly been flat to slightly positive; until late 2018 when it jumped up by as much as 50% across the various grades. It appears to be benefiting from the same change in sentiment as the other books. While it may be tempting to add a position in Werewolf by Night #37, the low volume does add a higher than necessary amount of risk.




  • Marvel Spotlight #2 (1972) – BUY
  • Werewolf by Night #1 (1972) – HOLD
  • Werewolf by Night #15 (1974) – SELL
  • Werewolf by Night #37 (1976) – HOLD



“Go on, Topaz, say it; because I’ve got the Moon-Cooties and you don’t want to be around when I sprout fangs again.” – Werewolf by Night


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