We’re in the Endgame now…

by Blaise Tassone

avengers-endgame-poster-og-social-crop-300x169 We’re in the Endgame now…

Is ‘Avengers: Endgame’ the most eagerly awaited super-hero movie of all time? It certainly feels that way. With two and a half weeks till its premiere, we can be sure of one thing. Between now and April 26 many comics will rise and fall in value, all in relation to what happens in this movie.

In this post, I want to look at comics that have already seen a significant spike in prices because of rumors or speculation surrounding what will or will not occur in ‘Endgame’. Some of the early rumors, from as far back as a year ago – like the possibility of an Adam Warlock appearance – are already beginning to look highly unlikely. Others, like Captain Marvel facing Thanos, are looking much more probable.

One thing is certain, if the events that unfold between the early promotion and subsequent debut of ‘Endgame’ is anything like last year’s ‘Infinity War’ release, the Russo Brothers and Marvel Cinemas will simultaneously surprise us and throw the speculation comic market for a loop.

That said, what comics will or will not remain of interest?

268964_253e0defae7cde014593253f1f07ead66b03800d-196x300 We’re in the Endgame now…

Captain America #25 (March 2007) – Death of Captain America

Over the last two years this book has sold in graded blue label 9.8 for as low as $29.00 (Ebay sale: 02/10/2018) and as high as $145.00 (Ebay sale: 10/06/2018). All indications are that Cap will be leaving and possibly for good (Chris Evans’ contract is up after ‘Endgame’). Will this book see movement if Rogers’ dies in ‘Endgame’? So far, with a FMV of $70.00 in 9.8 it seems like the window for profits on this book are dipping. Over the last 12 weeks, returns have looked as follows: down -19.3% in graded 9.8. Few to no sales of graded copies in other grades, this lack of interest in Cap’s death is actually telling.






229640_7370813d65a991cbcecc770cc9bf3db08ba58613-197x300 We’re in the Endgame now…

Young Avengers #1 (March 2005) – 1st appearance of Kate Bishop (Hawkeye II)

What the lack of activity in Captain America tells me at least, is that – in many ways – speculation surrounding post ‘Endgame’ events is already focused on the future of the Avengers at the movies. If ‘Endgame’ closes out a major chapter in the MCU, acting as a swansong for many big-name Avengers, then it’s also true that, with Phase 4 already in motion, the beginning of a new saga for Earth’s mightiest heroes will be set in motion by the fallout from ‘Endgame’. That future, if comic speculation is any indication, will be young and different. Hawkeye’s appearance training a young woman in the first ‘Endgame’ trailer has, for better or worse, been viewed as a clue that Kate Bishop will appear in future films. This comic has blown up as a consequence. A dollar bin book just a few years ago, returns on this book are currently over the moon. In July of 2016 a graded 9.4 copy sold for $30.00. The same comic, in the same grade, sold last month for $115.00. Graded 9.8 copies now have a FMV of $270.00. Move over Captain America and Iron Man, here come the Young Avengers!




245051_df02b45c9ce58fbcd8944b18793fb90ff5794daa-192x300 We’re in the Endgame now…
279330_82670e7462367a8f56fcf109464e52ae3835a93a-1-193x300 We’re in the Endgame now…

New Avengers #11 (October 2005) – First Ronin (Maya Lopez)

One thing nobody missed in the trailers to ‘Endgame’ was the appearance of Clint in a new uniform. Currently, the first appearance of Ronin (as Maya Lopez) stands neck and neck in value (in 9.8 certified grade) with New Avengers #27 (April 2007), which is Clint Barton’s first appearance as Ronin. What will be interesting to see is if one of the two Ronin comics picks up in value with the release of ‘Endgame’.

Obviously if Clint hangs up his bow (he’s done it before) and Maya makes a big screen appearance- start looking for high grade copies issue #11 and sell #27. For the moment, both have a FMV, in certified 9.8 grade, of $150.00. The last 12 weeks of sales activity however show that returns are stronger on issue #11. Both are down in value, but where NA #27 is down – 40.1% over the last three weeks, Maya’s debut is only down – 9.4%. Issue #11 is also up +10.1% in 9.4 grade after 8 sales with an average sales price of $90.00 in that grade.

What other new and old comics will see spikes/drops in value post-‘Endgame’? We’ll all find out in just under three-weeks. See you at the cinema.

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