Well aren’t you…Miss America!

by Michael Vlachakis

707591_vengeance-1-191x300 Well aren't you...Miss America!

Happy 4th!  I assume all my readers love the band Styx and have the article title/hit-ish song running through your head.  At minimum, I hope you have a cold beverage and a burger or dog as you read this.  Summer is scorching along, a new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie has been released with Spider-Man: Far From Home, and all seems right in the world.  Lets do a quick patriotic review of some Marvel character first appearance books that may be hiding in your collection, and see if they are worthy of a salute or a parade through DC.  Waive your flag and light some sparklers as we rundown these Marvel American heroes.

Miss America – America Chavez made her first appearance in the 2011 comic Vengeance #1.  As with many modern books, this title has a census readout that is extremely crowded at the upper grades, especially the 9.8 grade.  However, this books still has a Fair Market Value of $260 and has value potential.  America Chavez has the distinction of being the first Latin American LGBTQ character in the Marvel Universe and should be a good bet as Marvel looks to revamp their MCU Avengers line-up and diversify their portfolio of heroes.

Nuke – Nuke is a Marvel villain that has a distinct American Flag tattoo on his face.  The Frank Miller creation made his first appearance in Daredevil #232,in 1986, and met his apparent demise a single issue later.  Copies that hit the market sell for around $90-$120 in 9.8 grade.  Don’t expect Nuke to be in the MCU anytime soon, as a version of the character was used in the Netflix show Jessica Jones…sans face tattoo.

US Agent – Wait is that?  Oh, no, its just Faux Captain America.  Mostly known for his cool Toy Biz action figure from the 90’s (which typically ended up in the sale isle) it is: US Agent!  Originally known as a villain by the name of the Super-Patriot, this character would later return as the hero US Agent in Captain America #354, after a small stint as a replacement Captain America.  I have personally never seen a graded copy of Captain America #354, but 13 of them do exist according to the census.  The last sale of a 9.8 graded copy went for $150 in April of 2018.

Iron Patriot – We have seen a version of the Iron Patriot in the MCU when James Rhodes used the armor in Iron Man 3.  The character made its comic debut in 2009’s Dark Avengers #1 and was originally piloted by Norman Osborne.  Osborne, as you know, is getting a ton of speculation play currently.  Could the character emerge as the new “world genius” in the absence of Tony Stark?  Some sort of Dark Avengers story-line would be great, and we know that Marvel is willing to overload their films with characters if need be.  It may not be a smart bet to gamble on the re-use of a character, but who knows what the upcoming phases may reveal.

What is your favorite patriotic character, whether in Marvel or an outside brand?  Do I need to do a Union Jack/Capt. Britain article to counter this?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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