Weird Horror Tales Is A Horror Indeed

by Jeff

The reviews are in and the new horror anthology, Weird Horror Tales, is a horror indeed!

The new collection publishes thirteen horror, science-fiction, fantasy, and mainstream short stories all set in Light’s End, Maine. It is written by author Michael Vance.

“Among my favorite [stories],” wrote Tim Walters, “is ‘Wishful Thinking’, which opens, appropriately, on Halloween night and focuses on the frightening legend of Sara Lagle, also known as the Witch of Light’s End. “Fall Guy” is about the day Light’s End was visited by the Amazing Man who jumps off buildings. The tale effectively uses comic book imagery and allusions, which is not surprising since Michael Vance has a longstanding connection with and affection for the comics medium. At times Vance’s wistful, evocative style is reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s fiction, while the often horrific nature of the series recalls the work of writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Bloch. Michael Vance is a talented and underrated wordsmith…

“Each of the Light’s End stories is a snapshot of this strange town, ranging in time from its founding, through our time, and into the future. I’d classify them as speculative fiction with a touch of horror and an occasional touch of science fiction.”

“Seriously,” opines Greg Mitchell, “I thought the stories were really classy. Do you have any more Light’s End stories? It’s an incredible world and I’d love to read more!”

Daniel Weaver recently wrote: “You create a vivid scene that transplants the reader into a very specific time and place. There are plenty of unsettling images (bones, the monster, etc) as well as concepts (human sacrifice, cannibalism, etc). Allowing your main character to be partially swallowed by such a horrific creation certainly projects horrific imagery. As always, your word choices paint vivid pictures and bring to life unique characters. “

“My stories are founded on the premise that there is something larger than our narrow view of reality,” said author Michael Vance. “Each interconnected story shares setting, history, prominent families, and a macro plot. The stories also focus on the Azrealites, a religious cult that works tirelessly to reinstate that ‘Other’ on Earth through science and the occult.”

Legendary cover artist Keith Birdsong has painted the cover for “Weird Horror Tales”, an homage to pulp magazines from the ‘20s, ‘30s, and ‘40s “Weird Tales” and “Horror Stories”. The interior illustrations are by artist Earl Geier who is best known for his horror, fantasy and science fiction artwork.

The publisher of “Weird Horror Tales”, Cornerstone Book Publishers also publishes Masonic and esoteric books, selected pulp fiction, art literature, limited children’s books, and poetry collections. For more information about Cornerstone, go to

Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.

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