Watchmen Movie Preview Reactions

by Jeff

The WATCHMEN movie was previewed and discussed at the San Diego Comic Con 2008. Here are a sampling of the reactions.

The first section is from “comiccon” on Twitter:

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Just got into Hall H for the Watchmen panel… Lots of people dressed up in Watchmen costumes.

Watchmen panel live blog currently in session – keep reading!! Live here:

Zack Snyder just premiered an extended Watchmen trailer and it was AMAZING. I had chills the ENTIRE time – it looks STUNNING!!

Zack Snyder is stumped by the question of who his favorite character is with the complete cast up there with him! Hahaha…

@FyodorFish You shouldn’t – the footage looked absolutely AMAZING! This may be BETTER than Dark Knight – possibly best superhero movie ever.

They showed the Watchmen footage once again and yet again it amazed me. Watchmen looked breathtaking, utterly amazing!!

@glagana Yes, I think Watchmen actually has the potential to be better than Dark Knight… Potential so far though… 🙂

  c2b-foot Watchmen Movie Preview Reactions

From Spoutblog:

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–Dave Gibbons, co-creator of Watchmen, addresses the Alan Moore “elephant.”
–The extended trailer is way more hard-R than the trailer that appeared before Dark Knight. Includes a glimps of Richard Nixon and the obliteration of the Viet Cong. Shot-by-shot sum-up inside.
–There will be stuff in the film that wasn’t in the comic book.
–Real women, according to Malin Akerman, can neither kick ass nor fight crime.
–Hearing C-list stars describe what it “feels” like to make a comic book character “come to life” is exactly as boring as it sounds.

12:13 – Jeff: “But Dave, didn’t you ever try to go overseas and talk to Alan Moore and get him excited about this movie?”

Dave: “Well, I can tell there’s an elephant in the room, and I wish Alan hadn’t had a bad experience in the past… because I’m having the time of my life on this.”

  c2b-foot Watchmen Movie Preview Reactions

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