Watchmen Merchandise Added to Eastern Toys Lineup

by Jeff

Media Release — BROOKLYN, N.Y., April 1, 2009 — The recent release of Watchmen has ensured that a brand new audience is introduced to the characters and story, but for thousands of fans, it has translated to something much more important — Watchmen merchandise available through retailers like Eastern Toys.

We Want Stuff!

For fans, the story has continually meant not only a deep interest in the characters themselves, but also the desire to own merchandise often available for other comic characters. Unfortunately, until the release of the film, the dream simply wasn’t possible.

The Dream Realized

Visiting any major retailer or online store just before the film was released, however, was a dream come true for many fans.

“If you had told me 20 years ago that I could readily find Watchmen t-shirts, action figures, and thermal mugs these days, I would never have believed you,” said series fan Logan Brisenno.

It’s Finally Here!

The simple truth, though, is that it’s been a long time coming for most. Several initial attempts at a film failed miserably. These days, that is old news, and Watchmen enthusiasts have found that shopping online at web hotspots like Eastern Toys is easier than heading to big-box stores to search in vain for the limited release of these products.

“We’re excited about the release of the Watchmen costumes and accessories (,” said Eastern Toys CEO Dave Fisch. “Thanks to the success of the film and the fan following of the book as a whole, the costumes sales are enormous for the summer conventions and Halloween.”

From Conventions to Halloween, the Watchmen Are in the House

For many fans of this book, the Watchmen merchandise available at Eastern Toys has become a necessity this year, especially on the convention circuit. From the largest convention, San Diego’s Comi-Con, to the smaller versions of it around the country, thousands are gearing up to become the cruel Comedian, the sexy Silk Spectre, or the justice-seeking Rorschach like never before.

Fans dressing up as their favorite characters is just part of the fun of conventions, and this year, the only difference is that Watchmen costumes are commercially available at outlets like Eastern Toys and more accurate than most would have ever dared to hope.

Welcoming Them Home

Big-name heroes like Batman and Superman have held the merchandise spotlight for far too long. It’s finally time to welcome the likes of Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, and the other Watchmen cast members to the world of commercially available costumes and merchandise.

About Eastern Toys:

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