Warrior Nun Areala

by Blaise Tassone

315687_dd54d992e6cc3c5d2c6320dc967d74d764013307-193x300 Warrior Nun Areala

Published since 1994 by Antarctic Press, Ben Dun’s Manga inspired series Warrior Nun Areala has been around for a while, but is now starting to get some serious attention.

A Netflix streaming series is in the works and this surely doesn’t hurt helping people take notice of this character. Also, while it seems that every other comic out there is getting a live action series or a movie based on it these days, it is still always a good thing when the series in question takes its source material from a good comic.

Areala is a very good comic.

This series is like Joan of Arc meets Hellboy. If you like Catholic symbology, demon inspired sagas or action adventure with occult themes, then you’ll probably like Areala.

Areala is in actuality Sister Shannon Masters of the Order of the Cruciform Sword. This Catholic order of Warrior Nuns and Magic Priests was instituted in 1066 when a Valkyrie named Auria renounced her pagan ways and converted to Christianity.

Obviously the ‘Order of the Cruciform Sword’ doesn’t exist, but the connection to medieval history invoked by Dunn is well utilized to flesh out a world of demons and angels, good and evil.

Auria, in effect, was like the first Vampire Slayer in the Joss Whedon’s classic series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Subsequent generations of fighters then chose a Warrior Nun (who always takes the name ‘Areala’) to stand as successor and soldier of light to do battle against the forces of evil.

Sister Shannon is the current Areala, as such she stands at the front line in the never ending battle of the forces of good against evil. Sister Shannon is the best of the best, and she extols the Christian virtues of hope and charity (as well as faith, vigilance and chastity).

Ninja High School #38 [Malibu] (May 1993) – first appearance of Lillith the Demon Princess

I’ve seen copies of Ninja High School up for sale on Ebay for over a thousand dollars, the only certified sale on GoCollect.com has been for 200 dollars on September 29, 2018, again on Ebay. Although this comic is called the ‘first appearance’ of Areala, it’s actually the first appearance of Lillith the Demon Princess: a character that appears in the Warrior Nun Areala comics. There’s also an appearance of Mimi Masters, daughter of Shannon Masters. Finally, a connection with the artistic style and atmosphere of the Areala comic is also present since this series was also the brain-child of Benn Dunn creator of Areala. Hard to say if these prices will hold, especially since this comic is mistakenly taken as the first Areala.

Warrior Nun Areala Vol. 1 #1 (December 1994) – First appearance of Warrior Nun Areala

This is the comic you want to get if you’re looking to get the actual first appearance of Warrior Nun Areala, aka Sister Shannon Masters. Pick it up now since the price may skyrocket as people try to cash in on the Areala ride. Hard to believe this was, for the longest time, a dollar bin book. That’s all starting to change. An Ebay sale of a certified 9.6 copy sold for 79.99 on Oct. 10, 2015. Looking at the recent Ebay sales: a 9.4 sold for 89.00 a few days ago (Oct. 03) and raw copies are currently going for between 20 and 35 dollars.

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