WARLORD OF MARS #1 sells out; Dynamite releases PDF

by Jeff

aug100918 WARLORD OF MARS #1 sells out; Dynamite releases PDFMedia Release — Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce that Warlord of Mars #1 has sold out at Diamond, and issues #2 and #3 are selling well and will soon be gone! With no plans to go back to press for a second printing, click here for a PDF of the entire first issue of Warlord of Mars #1 free to read!

In issue #1, the original warrior of Mars returns from Dynamite! Warlord of Mars is an enhancement of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, Princess of Mars! If you thought you knew the story, think again! This series will capture the grit and action of the original while expanding on it with new elements. The story is about John Carter, an ex-cavalry officer in the Confederate Army who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars! Joining him in his adventures there are Tars Tarkas, his Martian comrade, and Dejah Thoris, a Martin Princess. This series is written by Arvid Nelson and is illustrated by Stephen (Avengers/Invaders) Sadowski!

“It is astounding about how much of a success Warlord of Mars has become, with all the amazing support from our fans and retailers,” says Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci! “With Arvid Nelson’s amazing scripts, the fantastic art of Stephen Sadowski with Lui Antonio, as well as the dynmaite covers led by Joe Jusko, J. Scott Cambpell, Alex Ross, Lucio Parillo and so many others, brace yourself for what’s coming up next in Warlord of Mars!

Look at all the great reviews we have gotten for Warlord of Mars #1!

“I’ve got a new favorite on my cosmic pull list and it’s called Warlord of Mars. Seriously guys, check this one out. It looks like it’s going to be a fairly faithful adaptation of the books with an eye toward a subtle re-boot to bring the stories into the modern age.” – Comic Book News

“Dynamite has priced this issue to fly off the shelf at $1.00, but it could be priced a lot more and still go toe-to-toe with anything Marvel or DC is producing right now. Nelson and Sadowski have put Warlord of Mars at the top of my pull list.” – Weekly Comic Book Review

“Warlord of Mars is a great start to an adaptation that many have failed at being faithful to the source material. While none of the events in this issue will ever be considered canon in the Barsoom saga, but it is believable and worth checking out. I’m also very pleased and surprised that this first issue only costs $1.00, which gives you very little reason to pass this up when it hits stores. Warlord of Mars #1 has the perfect combination of well told story and fantastic art” – Major Spoilers

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