WAR TOYS #1 Reviews Are In

by Jeff

“Every issue of Elephantmen has captured my undivided attention with its rich vignettes of the members of Nikken’s army and artwork that I’m not sure will ever be topped.”

— Chris Murman, Line of Fire Reviews

“Are you buying Elephantmen? You really should be.”

— Cameron, Gutter Bleed

“War Toys is ridiculously intelligent, incredibly beautiful, and masterfully crafted. You cannot go wrong with this book.”

— Ryan the Iowan, Weekly Power Rankings

“Starkings’ solemn narration coupled with Moritat’s bleak charcoal artwork make for a soulful war story, even if it is one that stars giant killer monsters. A standout work that celebrates what makes comics great.”

— Brendan McGuirk, Newsarama Best Shots

“One of the must-reads of the year.”

— Scott Cederlund, Comic Book Noise podcast

“War Toys uses near-human characters to show us what it is to truly be human. Moritat does a great job of not only action and stroytelling, but he nails the most important aspect of the story — he lets us into the hearts and minds of the characters through their eyes and faces. Extremely highly recommended.”

— David Martindale, Comic Pants

“Africa and China are at war, fighting in Europe. Because what goes around comes around. It’s even better when it comes around with huge, genetically-mutated animal soldiers. Gotta look!”

— John Judy, Hi De Ho Comics

“The stories coming out of the Elephantmen universe continue to blow me away with some great writing and amazing art. This definitely makes my recommended reading list.”

— Darrell Ferguson, Life of Darrell

By Starkings & Moritat
Cover by Boo Cook
Variant cover by Ladrönn
40pp BW • $2.99
On Sale December 12, 2007
Previews #JUN071879

jun071879d WAR TOYS #1 Reviews Are In
Elephantmen War Toys #1

Image Comics

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