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185348_68c338da463969258bb73b9bda948c6bd22bd134-150x150 WAR MACHINEAnyone else wonder why War Machine didn’t get the nanotech treatment in Endgame? Come on, Tony Stank. Quit being so stingy. I suppose the counterargument is that the nanotech can’t replicate chemical propellants. But even in that case, it could be a hybrid à la the T-X (edit: not the T-1000).

To the matter at hand, here we examine the current market trends for War Machine’s key comic books.



IRON MAN #118 (1979)

James Rhodes (aka Rhodey), the man who would later pilot the War Machine armor, first appeared in Iron Man #118. In this issue, Rhodey’s first appearance is closer to a cameo as he serves as a helicopter mechanic whom Tony Stark only briefly speaks with on his way to a conference. Featured on the cover is the iconic suitcase suit, which Tony Stark utilizes to save himself after being tossed out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier by Buck Richlen’s henchmen.

131095_66242af62d253c7cb3a10475d520c663bda9bc0a-193x300 WAR MACHINEThe graph below shows sales for Iron Man #118 in the grades CGC 9.8 (in blue) and 9.6 (in orange), which represent the top 19.1% and 45.5%, respectively.

wm_1a-300x181 WAR MACHINE

Throughout 2016 and 2017, sales prices for Iron Man #118 were relatively stagnant. This changed in 2018, when suddenly the book’s sales prices began to slowly rise. It’s difficult to pin down the cause of this change in market sentiment; whether it’s because War Machine survived the snap in Infinity War (2018), or the plethora of news articles about how a solo War Machine almost came to be. Either way, it has been trending upwards; albeit slightly. The question from here on out is if this is temporary or sustained.


IRON MAN #170 (1983)

When examining the key War Machine books, it would be a travesty to leave out Iron Man #170. The incredibly striking cover mirrors the main significance of this book, which is the event of Rhodey putting on the Iron Man suit. He is compelled to do so due to an intoxicated Tony Stark. In the Iron Man suit, Rhodey is able to fend off Obadiah Stane’s attack.

135541_0fdd751dc56e8a3aa4007b381851e07ad940e533-194x300 WAR MACHINESales of Iron Man #170 in CGC 9.8 (the top 44.6% of the CGC census) are shown below.

wm_2b-300x181 WAR MACHINE

Other than two higher value sales in early 2019, the overall trend for Iron Man #170 has been downward. Those two sales are of a bit of curiosity; perhaps a buyer speculated that War Machine would take up the mantle of Iron Man after Tony Stark’s death in Endgame. These purchases may have been pre-mature as a few weeks later two copies of the book in 9.8 could have been acquired for the price of one. Even if Rhodey does take up the Iron Man suit, it could be a while until the market value rises back to similar levels.


IRON MAN #282 (1992)

War Machine, the pièce de résistance and namesake of this article, first appeared in Iron Man #282. This first appearance of the War Machine armor was the “Variable Threat Response Battle Suit” used by Tony Stark to fight against the Masters of Silence, because his original Iron Man armor was ineffective against them. It would be later when Tony Stark “died” that the armor was left to Rhodey. Below is sales for Iron Man #282, graded in CGC 9.8, which represents the top 40.1% of the census.

185348_68c338da463969258bb73b9bda948c6bd22bd134-195x300 WAR MACHINEwm_3c-300x181 WAR MACHINE

Interestingly, Iron Man #282 experienced a similar change in market sentiment as Iron Man #118 did in early 2018. The negative trend throughout 2017 was suddenly reversed to the positive side. For the last year, sales prices have been growing; but again similar to Iron Man #118, it has been very slow. The risk of whether or not this is temporary is indeed present; as the low $100 price levels experienced in 2018 show how far this book can fall. Patience would be advisable here to see if the positive trend is sustained.



  • Iron Man #118 – HOLD. If the positive trend continues, possible upgrade to ADD.
  • Iron Man #170 – REDUCE.
  • Iron Man #282 – HOLD. Like #118, possible upgrade to ADD if the positive trend continues.



“You changed my life. You made me a super hero. One day I’ll be able to show my kids what I did. Thank you, man. I love you.” – James Rhodes



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