WandaVision Theory: Is Wonder Man Incoming?

by Matt Tuck

Avengers-9-cover-191x300 WandaVision Theory: Is Wonder Man Incoming?WandaVision is fertile ground for fan theories, and the series could be planting the seeds to debut a future star of the MCU, Wonder Man. Here’s why you should be eying his first appearance.


Remember when the word on the internet was that Nathan Fillion was going to play Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? As it turned out, James Gunn had mock Simon Williams movie posters in GOTG2 that sadly fell to the cutting room floor. In fact, one unused poster was for a Williams-led Tony Stark biopic. (You could say that Filion was the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.)

Since then, the Wonder Man rumors have grown quiet, but WandaVision could give them new life as Marvel’s latest comedy-mystery would be perfect for Wonder Man. 

Wonder-Man-1-interior-225x300 WandaVision Theory: Is Wonder Man Incoming?WHO IS HE?

In the comics, while Wonder Man is essentially comatose, Ultron steals his brainwaves and uses them to create Vision. After Wonder Man is revived and becomes a card-carrying Avenger, he becomes a Tony Stark-esque character with an inflated ego and a ballooning sense of self-worth. It is later revealed that even before his brainwaves were added to Vision, Simon was falling in love with Scarlet Witch. That helped explain why Vision was instinctively attracted to Wanda Maximoff.


All of this could be adapted into a major plotline for WandaVision. You have Simon Williams, a long-lost lover from Wanda’s past who now has superpowers of his own. He is the antithesis to Vision – where Vision is altruistic and humble, Simon is egocentric and arrogant – and would make a formidable rival. In a plot twist worthy of a sci-fi soap opera, audiences would be shocked to learn that the thorn in Vision’s side is, in a sense, Vision’s neurological “brother.” The script writes itself at this point.

This story is such a natural fit into WandaVision that it would seem unlikely that Marvel is not already planning a Vision-Wanda-Simon love triangle straight from a 1990s romantic comedy. Where is Matthew McConaughey when we need him?

Avengers-9-interior-300x151 WandaVision Theory: Is Wonder Man Incoming?AVENGERS #9

Simon basically had an entire story arc in just one issue; he was introduced and “died” a noble death all in the same comic. One and done. Despite him returning from his comatose state, his biggest contribution to the Marvel Universe was giving part of his personality to Vision.

As far as value, Avengers #9 is ripe for the picking. Between James Gunn’s GOTG and WandaVision, some filmmaker will eventually bring Simon Williams to live-action. When that happens, this issue will spike. Now is the time to get your copy before Wonder Man is introduced to the mainstream.

Judging by the FMV inflation, I am not the only one who sees the writing on the wall for Simon. Of the nine different grades that have swapped owners in 2021, each one has seen an increase in FMV. On the plus side, most grades are still affordable with something for every budget. Collectors can spend as much as $2,900 for a 9.2 or take home a 7.5 for $571. Still too much? The 6.5 is averaging less than $300, while the 5.0 sells for just under $200. If you are willing to settle for a 2.0, you can keep the purse strings pulled tight with a grade that costs about $100.

Wonder-Man-1-1986-cover-195x300 WandaVision Theory: Is Wonder Man Incoming?WONDER MAN #1 (1986)

The Wonder Man fan theories have helped this overlooked gem pick up the pace in the market. While this is not necessarily a classic, it is an underrated issue. The best part is the Bill Sienkiewicz cover art, which is always a treat for the eyes.

Sales have been improving. While only four 9.8 Wonder Man #1s were sold last year, they averaged $61. Over the past 90 days, there have been just three sales, but the FMV has risen to $71 with the last one bringing $77 on January 18.


Suffice to say, Simon has not been a major player in the MCU. All of that could quickly change. In the right creative hands, Wonder Man could be the MCU’s next Tony Stark. 

If Marvel adds Simon to WandaVision and gives him proper screen time and a charmingly smug attitude, Wonder Man could be a hit with mainstream audiences. That could propel him (and Avengers #9) to new heights.

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