Wandavision Keys!

by Mike W

wandavision-logo-social-300x150 Wandavision Keys!According to screenrant.com, the most likely release date for Disney’s WandaVision television is by the end of 2020. With the topic in mind, here are some possible comics that could be associated with the series plotline.


It appears there is a chance it might come to Disney Plus in December. According to Disney’s official Twitter account, they already announced all their content for November, and WandaVision was not included in the promo. With that in mind, we are still hoping that it is on track to come out in December. Remember, former Disney CEO, Bob Iger even said it would come out in December as well. Though, this announcement was made before the work stoppage due to COVID-19.

The Wedding

marri-199x300 Wandavision Keys!In one of the trailers for the show, there is a scene that pretty much confirms that Vision and Scarlet Witch become married. It is interesting since Vision met his doom in the last Avengers Infinity War movie and was not revived at the end of the movie. The comic book that depicts the marriage of Scarlet Witch and Vision can be found in Giant-Size Avengers #4. The cover of the comic shows exactly what is happening in the issue.





Classic Outfit

visisi-196x300 Wandavision Keys!Wanda has not been donning the classic costume from the comics, but it appears it may finally happen in the upcoming series. As one scene from a trailer promo shows her wearing her classic outfit on what it appears to be Halloween. With that in mind, we can assume that the series will take material from the first solo series featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision. Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 depicts this scene of her wearing her costume during Halloween.





Bending Reality

witch-194x300 Wandavision Keys!Disney has pretty much confirmed that WandaVision will directly tie into the Doctor Strange sequel movie. As a result, part of the plot believes Wanda will have a mental breakdown. In addition, the result is that she will alter the reality of the Marvel Universe. The ramifications of this causes alternative universes and timelines throughout the MCU. It is believed that the Doctor Strange movie plot is to fix the madness Wanda has created. The material of her bending reality in the Marvel Universe originates from House of M #1.





abebeb-199x300 Wandavision Keys!It is highly speculative that the show will include the couple to have kids of their own. It is believed that Wanda will give birth and will have twin boys, Thomas Shephard and Billy Kaplan. Thomas later becomes the hero name of Speed and Billy later develops the hero name of Wiccan. The issue this occurs is in The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12.  For your information, collectors should be on the lookout for the double cover for this issue. One of my friends sent me a picture of this rare occurrence for this book.

This issue is a key book because there is a belief that her kids could play a big role in the MCU going forward. In fact, Wiccan is part of the highly speculative Young Avengers team. This team comprises of Kate Bishop, Patriot, Iron Lad, and Hulkling.

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