Walking Dead #65 REVIEW

by Jeff

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JUL090408D Walking Dead #65 REVIEWWalking Dead #65
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

All throughout the spring and summer whenever this arc was discussed by Robert Kirkman or teasers were shown in previews or advertisements for future issues you would have believed that this was the arc where people were going to die and things were going to be shaken up spectacularly. We are now four issues into the arc and with only one remaining it would appear the good guys are going to win and win handedly. This is usually the point where the roof collapses. However, it is not in this issue. This issue brings hope. It’s an excellent issue to reestablish Rick’s role and it shows who you do not mess around with. It’s a terrific comic.

geekgoggle Walking Dead #65 REVIEWRick and company devise a plan to hunt down the hunters. Rick finds them, confronts them and shows everyone involved who the boss is in this situation. Really, that’s everything but it leaves open so many questions about the next issue.

In keeping with the expectation that there will be blood I can’t help buy wonder if there are more in the hunting party than seen on panel. After all, we, the reader, doesn’t even know how many were in their number, let alone Dale. Since Dale is Rick’s only source of information about the hunters how can we be sure there isn’t twice as many staking out the nearby woods?

Rick’s group needs food. He finds six people that have already kidnapped and eaten a piece of his friend. Who’s to say Rick doesn’t cook them up? On the other hand, what else can Rick do with them besides kill them? He can’t set them free and he can’t lug them along for the ride. What do you do with them?

Not knowing anything about the group of hunters some of the lingering questions include how they followed Rick and company in the first place. You’d have to wonder if the priest is involved in this somehow. Beyond all of the speculation the simplest solution to all of these questions is that Abraham simply kills them all and we never find out the full story.

The issue entertains above the usual level for a few reasons. First of all, the discussion that Dale has with Andrea about their relationship and about what will happen at the end of Dale’s life (it appears he was bitten by a zombie) makes the issue packed with emotion. Secondly, the group of hunters explains to Rick why they eat meat and the logic behind it all. Its horrific stuff and you’d have to wonder how any of them can truly consider themselves anything above the level of barbarian.

Finally, the issue is fulfilling because it puts Rick back in the role of badass. He seems to have all of his lieutenants working with him now and it makes him all the more powerful. It reminds me of the movie Excalibur when Arthur gets back the sword, joins back up with Merlin and has Lancelot return to him. It provides a feeling of invincibility. Now we’ll see if Kirkman takes it all away next issue.

Things are never, ever easy in this title. It would be impossible to believe that there isn’t a surprise or two waiting around the corner in the next issue. For now, enjoy Rick’s rise to the top as he reasserts himself as the alpha dog of his group and everyone he comes in contact with.

4.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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