Walking Dead #64 REVIEW

by Jeff

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jun090395d Walking Dead #64 REVIEWWalking Dead #64
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

The third issue of the “Fear the Hunters” arc is outstanding. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but this issue delivers an unexpected twist to the hunter’s arc as well as tons of character developments. The issue pulls an interesting twist and drops the revelation on the reader in the first few pages. This was an excellent issue in every way. Oh, and by the way, it contains no zombies. Not even on the cover.

geekgoggle Walking Dead #64 REVIEWAs Dale is getting preached to by the people who captured him and ate his leg he drops the bombshell that he’s tainted meat. This occurs in the first couple of pages and is a huge plot development. The reactions of his captures are priceless. However, this brings up an interesting question about what would happen if they did indeed eat tainted meat. Would they turn? Dale shows his wound but do you get the feeling that maybe it was self-inflicted? Whatever happened, the hunters decide its best to use Dale to lure out the others and they drop him off at the church.

Rick is still trying to hold together the group. As he talks to Andrea we learn the back story about her and Dale. She explains how her and her sister would flirt with the old man to stay in his RV and how she fell in love with him slowly. This really builds both Dale and Andrea and fills in a lot of gaps. It’s an excellent revisiting of events that happened in the very first few issues of the series.

Another piece to this issue that’s worth attention is how Abraham shows off a softer side. It appears he isn’t the alpha dog it seemed he was in previous issues. It only cements more and more that Rick is the real leader.

The issue ends with quite a predicament for the group and another moment where Rick rises to the occasion. The artwork is at its best capturing Rick as the iconic figure in this series with his two bulldogs flanking him.

The issue is tremendous because it shows how the experiences and all the crap that have hit Rick and the group have helped to prepare them for literally anything. Although the hunters may have the advantage you have to wonder if they really stand a chance at all. With two issues left in the arc I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t die, but I’d be shocked if all the hunters don’t get caught and killed.

This comic manages to show how cunning one member of the group is and how resilient they all are. It’s a great issue. It’s not like the issues with the prison invasion but it’s great in another way in that I’d assumed Dale was a goner and now I’m not so sure. The comic really knows how to yank the story in a different direction on a dime. All of this, and it gives a full issue of Viking #1 for low price of $3. Excellent comic in every department.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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