Walking Dead #59 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Walking Dead #59 REVIEW

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Walking Dead #59
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

This title has a habit or making you think nothing is going on until the doors get blown off when you turn the page. This was the type of issue this one was. It had some interesting character interactions and it made you guess as to the state of mind for a couple of characters but the lasting impression from this issue was the last six pages or so. I will do my best not to spoil this issue but be warned as I try to review this issue and dance around the happenings in it.

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The issue starts out tame enough as Rick and company rescue Morgan from his solitude. As you might guess Carl and Abraham are not crazy Morgan or his shaky-looking blank stare. Also, he seems to like to swing his emotions at the drop of a hat. This provides some great interactions among the four characters.

Eventually they reach the police station and to everyone’s amazement the place hadn’t been touched since Rick and Morgan had been there over a year ago. Rick manages to successfully explain why he still carries around the keys to the place. It seemed bizarre that he had them and unlikely he wouldn’t have lost them, but hey it was worth a chuckle.

Later on they start their journey back to find the others. After a sleepless night they run into a huge problem. While it’s not surprising that this occurs as it was alluded to in a previous issue, it caught me by surprise. As usual, when a huge event happens then all hell breaks loose. And when we see that then you know anything can and does go wrong.

The issue is funny because it handles such strange details like the keys but ignores more obvious ones like why would they bother stopping if they can’t sleep? Why not keep driving, even if slow?

As an individual issue I liked it but I rate it against the others in the series. I also try to think as a new reader. If I picked up this issue having never read any other issue would the ending be as crazy? Would this issue hook me in? It might. But it wouldn’t in the way that, let’s say, issue 48 would have. It sounds strange but the issue was actually a little detached from the emotions that Morgan was showing because he’s a character that we really don’t know at all. It’s tough to get wrapped in his feelings when we just rediscovered him for the first time in 58 issues.

So it’s a fun issue at the end and has some of the characters acting suspicious, guilt-ridden and paranoid. It’s just another issue in a great series.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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