Wakanda Forever Spec: Are the Atlanteans Coming?

by Matt Tuck

download-2-300x157 Wakanda Forever Spec: Are the Atlanteans Coming?The rumors continue to swirl around Wakanda Forever, and the word is that Atlantis will invade the sequel. Here are three Atlanteans who could join Namor in the MCU.

Marvel Studios knows how to keep its fanbase intrigued. From exploring alternate worlds in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to diving further into Wakanda, there have been far more questions than answers. Rumors abound for all three movies, but one of the most pressing has been the Black Panther sequel’s villain.

It began when Kraven the Hunter was the talk of the gossip sites. After that seemed to quiet down, the attention turned to Atlantis. So far in 2021, the prevalent theory that the plot of BP2 will revolve around a Wakanda-Atlantis war has gained momentum thanks to the rumored casting of Namor. Although Marvel has neither confirmed nor denied that story, the Atlantis invasion rumors refuse to die. Now, the speculation is that more characters from Namor’s corner of the Marvel Universe will wage war against Wakanda.

FF-33-198x300 Wakanda Forever Spec: Are the Atlanteans Coming?ATTUMA


One of Namor’s villains has become the subject of a hot rumor for the past couple of months. Along with other Atlanteans gossiped about, there is plenty of talk of Attuma entering the MCU in the Black Panther sequel. 

He first appeared in 1964’s Fantastic Four #33, and the book has benefited from the latest talk of his debut. In many ways, Attuma is Submariner’s version of Ocean Master. Although Namor and Attuma are not siblings, the latter is an Atlantean bent on taking control of the lost continent. Because of his backstory as a challenger to the throne, he could be a prospect for Wakanda Forever as a fill-in villain for Namor. 

While there have not been any sales of FF #33 in August, last month saw a 9.0 reach a record $2,280. Up to then, the high had been just under $700. The lower grades are feeling the effects of the speculation as well, with a 4.5 breaking records with a $320 in July.

fantastic_four_annual_1-201x300 Wakanda Forever Spec: Are the Atlanteans Coming?LADY DORMA


If Namor is going to appear in the MCU, then it makes sense that Lady Dorma would be at his side. Although she was originally written as Namor’s cousin, the 1960s would reveal her to be his wife. If you want her first appearance, good luck; she debuted alongside Namor in the holiest of grails, Marvel Comics #1. The better option is to aim for Fantastic Four Annual #1, when she premiered in the Silver Age.

Word is spreading for Dorma to appear in the MCU. It was on August 7 that a 5.5 sold for $676. Prior to this year, it had never sold for more than $365, yet 2021 has seen four sales exceed $600. The 5.5 also happens to be the only grade selling for less than $1k at the moment.

Submariner-50-199x300 Wakanda Forever Spec: Are the Atlanteans Coming?NAMORITA


Namor’s cousin in the comics, this particular Atlantean would gain fame as a member of the New Warriors. There has not been any new talk for years, but there was a time when the New Warriors were speculated to appear in the MCU. If Namorita is confirmed for Wakanda Forever, that would reignite the NW speculation.

Created in 1972, Namorita (which sounds like a tropical twist on a margarita) would first appear in Sub-Mariner #50. The Wakanda Forever gossip has propelled the higher grades to new heights. On August 2, a 9.8 jumped from a record $1,200 last year to $1,800. By August 8, a 7.0 sold for its second-best $141. The good part there is that, despite the increased sales numbers, most grades are still well within reach. For under $500, you can get as much as a 9.4.


Of all the characters from Marvel’s history not to have appeared in a live-action film, Namor is by far the most anticipated. Sooner or later, Kevin Feige and company will find a way to bring him to the MCU, and that will usher in his fellow Atlanteans. Now is definitely the time to collect those related character keys before the news becomes official.

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