Waiting for DARKSEID…

by James Jou

702684_9aa185c37382970f6d7bf2035a886118f212094b-198x300 Waiting for DARKSEID…Not to call Lex Luthor a liar, but with the bell “rung,” where is Darkseid?

… Bueller?… Bueller?

From the various cancellations, delays, and reboots occurring with some DC Extended Universe movies, one has to wonder if Darkseid is still in the plans. Tentatively, he’s supposed to appear in New Gods; but again, will he really? This indefinite holding pattern for the iconic character’s much anticipated arrival on the silver screen has had a noticeable effect on the market for Darkseid’s key comic books.  Here we will the examine the current market conditions of those books in greater detail.



122395_bef1291095a8ab8e8170f87135a7fcb6e939933b-200x300 Waiting for DARKSEID…SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #134 (1970)

Darkseid’s first appearance was a short one panel cameo in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134. This issue begins with the Daily Planet’s new owner Morgan Edge sending Jimmy Olson on a dangerous assignment to the Mountain of Judgment. Even though Jimmy is accompanied by the Outsiders, the danger of the journey is deemed too much of a risk by Superman. Superman tries to stop them, but he’s neutralized by the Outsiders who use Kryptonite-based weapons. Jimmy continues the journey with a few more obstacles along the way. Eventually they meet up with the Hairies, but a hidden bomb threatens to derail everything. At the last second, in his usual fashion Superman swoops in and saves the day. In a final twist, all the incidents were revealed to have been secretly been recorded by Morgan Edge and transmitted to… Darkseid.

With the one panel, video transmission from Darkseid, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 attains it’s key comic book status. Due to the low volume of sales, the graph below shows a wider range of grades for the book: CGC 9.2/9.0/8.5 and 7.5/7.0. This represents the high 13.9%, 21.0%, 31.6% and lower 52.2%, 61.5% of the top of the census.

ds_1a-300x181 Waiting for DARKSEID… ds_2b-300x181 Waiting for DARKSEID…

Since 2016, sales prices for Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 have been relatively flat. This was rather surprising, but confirmed by the various grades on the high and low ends examined. Despite the early 2016 spike up from the Batman v Superman scene where Lex Luthor foreshadows the imminent arrival of Darkseid, sales prices did not sustain the increase. That’s just under 4 years of stagnation, which could actually change soon…

Currently, a live action New Gods movie is indeed in the plans; which bear in mind, with the prior track record, could change at any moment. In July 2019, the director of the New Gods movie tweeted a confirmation that Darkseid would appear in the movie; which has caused a small increase in prices the last few weeks. It’s not as exciting as casting news, but it is about as good as it gets at this point in the movie’s development cycle. Until any official studio gets released, it’s difficult to see a significant and sustained price movement in either direction.


122487_1aefddd14252125b81e84d8f06c773305bfadcc5-204x300 Waiting for DARKSEID…FOREVER PEOPLE #1 (1971)

It would take another cameo before Darkseid finally got his first full appearance in Forever People #1. In this issue, the Forever people journey to Earth on a rescue mission in search of Darkseid, who has kidnapped their fellow Forever People member, Beautiful Dreamer. Superman helps them in their quest, but even with their powers combined, Darkseid’s forces manage to overpower them. As a final resort, the Forever People are able to summon the Infinity Man into the fray. With this, Superman is able to save Beautiful Dreamer.

This action packed issue is not only the first full appearance of Darkseid; as added bonus, it’s also the first appearances of the Forever People and Infinity Man. Below is sales for the book in the grades CGC 9.6/9.4 and 9.0, which represent a cross-section of the top 10.8%/22.8% and 44.7% CGC census.

ds_3c-300x181 Waiting for DARKSEID… ds_4d-300x181 Waiting for DARKSEID…

Since 2016, sales prices For Forever People #1 have been flat in the above grade on the high and middle end; with 9.0 having a wider range, but overall flat. Again, it’s both good and bad news; at the very least it appears stable. Not to open up the can of worms of a character’s key comic book 1st full appearance vs 1st appearance (cameo) debate; this book and the above book are the ones that stand to benefit the most should additional official news regarding New Gods and Darkseid get released.



Not the best two books to park money in, as there is no natural long-term growth in sales prices. Any future upward movement completely depends on Darkseid appearing in a planned New Gods movie, which could take an indeterminate number of years as it currently still has no official release date. Will it go up eventually? Sure, but the risk is in there being no timeline in place at the moment. Imagine a friend that promises to pay back the $20 he owes you, but still hasn’t done it or won’t say when they’ll do it.

  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 – HOLD
  • Forever People #1 – HOLD



“Your friends have abandoned you or fallen before my might. Super or otherwise, you’re merely a man. And I am a god.” – Darkseid



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