Visionary Debuts Three New Series On Wowio

by Jeff

(San Diego, CA) Visionary Comics Studio is proud to announce the launch of Visionary Comics the digital publishing arm of the studio that will release its titles through Wowio, the premiere, free web-based comics’ site that is revolutionizing digital comics.

Through Wowio, fans can read online or download Visionary’s books absolutely free, but through sponsored advertising, the comics still produce income for creators with every view or download. “This allows us to provide one outlet for all our creators directly, where they don’t have to invest money to get their work out there and still see some return.” Creative Director and Publisher C. Edward Sellner added. “It also gives us a chance to build more of a fan-base for new properties, testing them on the market before investing in setting up print publication, which by the way we are still very invested in.”

The imprint is launching strong with a special 2 for 1 promotion. “We figured the only way to outdo the fact the books are FREE is to offer 2 for the same low price,” Sellner joked. “Actually we’re very excited about the series we’re launching out of the gate with and think this sets the tone for what our future will be! We want to especially thank Shon C. Bury for bringing Nox to us! Along with Digital Visions and Headlocked, these series are absolutely awesome and we’re proud to have the Visionary Comics’ imprint on them!” Visionary’s line will be growing quick in coming months as several new series and specials are waiting in the wings.

VCS has also revamped and reopened its submission doors for projects to be digitally published through Wowio and anyone interested should check out our website and the guidelines for submitting. These can be new or pre-printed comics as long as the creators are willing to fully partner with VCS in moving ahead on all aspects of the property. This includes the fact that VCS is now actively seeking completed 6-12 page short stories for our new Anthology Digital Visions.

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