Viper Comics SDCC 2011 Schedule

by Jeff

sdcc Viper Comics SDCC 2011 ScheduleMedia Release — Fly, shuffle, walk or lurk on over to the Viper Comics booth (#1903) at San Diego Comic Con and learn more about the music industry’s latest, greatest hits, PERFECT TEETH.

Viper has teamed up with VINNIE FIORELLO, of the awesome ska punk band LESS THAN JAKE, writer Matt Anderson (WHITE PICKET FENCES and PAPER+PLASTICK’S 50 STATES and THE EXIT INTERVIEW) and artist Peter Wonsowski to bring you a book that will lift the coffin lid off the music biz.

In a matter of weeks, Nathan Almost goes from an unknown suburbanite to the biggest musician who ever existed! Fans adore him, buying his t-shirts and posters. Critics chase him, wielding their torches and pitchforks!

How did it come to be that in boardrooms, laboratories, and graveyards – celebrities became manufacturable? Commodities sold to a public always hungry for the next big thing?

In the music industry, fame makes people monsters. In PERFECT TEETH, monsters are made famous!

While you’re at the booth, pick up a FREE set of Vampire Teeth (limit one per visitor – only 40 sets available per day). You’d be a sucker to miss this… just not a blood sucker.

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