Viper Comics Announces Comics Talent Search 2009

by Jeff

apr074041f Viper Comics Announces Comics Talent Search 2009Media Release — Are you itching to break into comics? Well don’t just sit there dreaming, get working! Viper Comics is looking for Artists AND Writers.

That’s right. Even writers. Now’s your chance to show those pencil-jockeys where the real talent in comics is.

This year we’re excited to open our search for up and coming comic talent at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California July 22nd – 27th.

Simple. Download the sample script “Blood” from You should feel free to use the panel arrangement of the script as rigidly or loosely as you want. This is your chance to show us what you can do. There’s a lot of flexibility in the script for you to show your talents, even down to what the central character looks like.

First of all, DO NOT write something original. Let’s repeat that to make sure it’s completely understood. Please do not bring us your original ideas or project proposals! Viper Comics does not accept unsolicited submissions, except at conventions and only as leave-behind material.

In order to have your writing accepted it must:
* be a self-contain story that runs no more than 5 (FIVE) comic-pages.
* be about an existing character in the comic book world.
* be presented in something resembling a professional comic book script.
* make sure you include ALL your contact information on your submission.

Both Artists and Writers should note, we will ONLY consider ONE entry per person. So make sure it’s your very best work and make sure you include ALL your contact information on your submission.

At San Diego, you can drop off a script or art at the Viper Booth #1903 ANY TIME before NOON on any day of the Convention.


No problem. You can send a digital copy of your script or sample art to You can do that ANYTIME up until 5pm Sunday 27th July 2009 (closing time for the San Diego Comic Convention).

PLEASE NOTE: As long as you provide a valid email address we will reply to EVERY entry. If you impress us and we like what we see, you’ll be added to the roster of talent we’re compiling for some very exciting projects coming over the following year. Seriously impress us and you’ll get your own Web Comic hosted on the Viper Comics Website and if the project is successful, see the same comic in print. If you don’t make the cut this year it doesn’t mean you can’t try again next time.

* Artists and Writers: Follow the Guidelines. Don’t follow them and we simply won’t look at your work.
* Writers: If you’re unsure what a comic script looks like, check out the sample available for Artists.
* Artists: Use the script as a guide. We know that layout will work, so feel free to follow it and just be creative with the panel content, but if you think you can do a better layout, show us what you got.
* Writers: Just because you only have five pages, don’t think you can’t tell a story with a beginning, middle and an end. You just need to be creative.
* Artists and Writers: Remember that pacing is important, when you’re writing a script, or going off script you still need that pacing.
* Writers: Don’t compensate for a lack of comic pages by writing each page with 30 panels.

Remember to include contact information and save the original pitches for someone at the Viper Booth. And DON’T give us the ONLY COPY of your work – a good quality copy is all we need. Good luck and have fun with this. Viper Comics is looking forward to discovering some awesome new talent.

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