Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake’s January 18 Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

011823B-1024x536 Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction

Hake’s is closing out their first auction of the year with an action figure and video game-focused day — the absolutely perfect way to end an auction! These games are vintage and modern gems, with a solid variety for every type of collector. If you’re looking to add some new graded gems to your collection, don’t sleep on Hake’s!

Nintendo Virtual Boy Wario Land

image-41-278x300 Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is one of those consoles that had the right idea but was executed poorly. Yet despite its flaws, Nintendo showed the world what video games could do. The Virtual Boy only had a handful of games in its roster, including Wario Land.

This single-player platform game was praised on its release as being the best Virtual Boy title, but that wasn’t enough to save this ill-fated console. This game is a part of the overall Wario Land series.

This sealed VGA 90 NM+/MT is striking and looks like it came right off the shelf. While there is little sales data on VGA-graded copies, similarly graded WATA copies sell for over $1K.

PlayStation 4 500 Million LE System

image-42-300x236 Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction

Here’s something you don’t see too often. This is a graded PlayStation 4 500 Million Limited Edition console that was released in 2018 and commemorated the milestone achievement of over 500 million PlayStation units being sold worldwide. This console sold for $499.99 USD, and only 50,000 were made.

This console is a looker, as it has a translucent blue console body, and matching controllers. After-market sales for ungraded copies range from $500 – $1500, but this VGA 90 NM+/MT could potentially go for much more.


image-43-223x300 Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction

Atari 2600’s Astroblast is a single-player fixed shooting game that was released in 1981. Published by Mattel Electronics (yes, the same Mattel that’s synonymous with Barbie), the game was a port of the Intellivision console game Astrosmash but both versions were similar.  Yet despite its simplicity, this game is still a ton of fun to play and is a great collectible for vintage collectors.

This sealed VGA 80+ NM is a real blast from the past — for a game that’s over 40 years old, it still looks brand new. There is not a lot of sales data on this item, so you could get this game at a great price.

Space Channel 5

image-45-300x290 Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction

The Sega Dreamcast was a console I was never lucky enough to own when it came out. By that point, my sister and I had moved onto PlayStation, which we still prefer to this day. But Dreamcast had an impressive library, and sometimes those games would be released on multiple platforms — such as Space Channel 5. The PlayStation 2 version had a hold over my sister, while I preferred to watch her play. The game was popular and wound up in a lawsuit — which is an interesting read if you want to fall down a rabbit hole.

This VGA 90+ NM+/MT is beautiful. While it’s hard to get a good shot of a lenticular cover, this rhythm game draws you in before you play it. Since this was an early rhythm game there is some history to it, which is great for anyone collecting key video games. There is not a lot of sales data for this game, so you could potentially get it at a great price.

000080221A_Games-1-Footer Vintage Video Game Gems from Hake's January 18 Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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