Vigilante To Debut In January As Ongoing Series

by Jeff

To clarify the solicitation in the October Previews, VIGILANTE #1 is the first issue of an ongoing series.

Written by Marv Wolfman and featuring pencil art by Rick Leonardi, the new series takes place in New York City, where crime is on the rise and terror fills the streets. Gang warfare is escalating, and metahumans are being drafted into battle. Through the corruption and lawlessness, one man emerges to right the wrongs as only he can. So when a Super Hero conspiracy plot is brought to light, the Vigilante returns to find the traitor and mete out his own brand of justice – with extreme prejudice!

VIGILANTE #1 (OCT080098) features a cover by Walter Simonson and variant cover by Andrew Robinson; one copy of the variant edition (OCT080099) may be ordered for every ten copies of the standard edition ordered. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 24 with a cover price of $2.99 U.S.

OCT080098D Vigilante To Debut In January As Ongoing Series

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