Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect’s Event Auction 47 Closes

by Sarah Thomas

083121B-300x157 Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 Closes

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #47 wrapped up last weekend, giving collectors a whole new round of sales numbers to factor. What video game auctions did YOU bid on?

Video Game Auction Results

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #47

ComicConnect’s latest video game auction, containing over 200+ sealed and graded video games, ended on Sunday night, bringing along with it some interesting results for anyone watching the video game market.

A WATA NM 9.4 Super Mario Bros 2 for NES sold for $90,000 after 35 bids. This copy has an A+ Seal Rating; First-Party H-Seam; Rev-A; Round SOQ; Small Warranty; 3 Screw Cart. It’s also the earliest and highest-graded copy ComicConnect has offered to date. res6.2-282x300 Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 Closes

A Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for PS1 WATA graded NM: 9.4 sold for $1,050 after 17 bids. Published by Capcom, this game featured an A++ Seal Rating; First-party Y-Seam with Sony security label. This game was reviewed very positively when it was released in 1999 and sold more than three million copies worldwide.

A WATA graded 9.6 sold on eBay on 6/28/20 for $598. New/Sealed, though ungraded, copies have sold on eBay as recently as 1/17/21 for $232.43 and 10/5/20 for $219.99.

Another one worth a look; a WATA NM: 9.4 copy of StarFox sold for $15,000.  This game has an A+ Seal Rating; First-party V-Seam; Made in Japan; No Rating; 4 Line Warranty. It’s the first game in the StarFox series and the first game to use Super FX graphics.ton7.1-265x300 Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 Closes

Tony Hawk has still got it! A WATA VF+: 8.5 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for PS1 sold for $7,088 after 34 bids in this auction. This game was the third highest-selling PlayStation title of November 1999 in the United States. It had an A Seal Rating; First-party Y-Seam with Sony security label & Tear strip, and Next Generation Quote sticker.

Gameplay and graphics were praised for their clarity and realism. Ungraded copies of the game hover around $50-$100 on eBay.

Check out ALL the results from this auction HERE!

Current Video Game Auctions

2021 August 31 Tuesday Video Games and Trading Card Games Auction #312135 at Heritage

There are still a handful of hours left to bid in Heritage’s latest weekly video game auction. Here are a few entries worth watching. What will you be bidding on?lf-44-e1630422978290-267x300 Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 Closes

Pokemon Red Version – Wata 8.5 A Sealed [Rattata, Pixel ESRB, Mid-Production], GB Nintendo 1998 USAThis is the first installment in the Pokemon video game series (along with Pokemon Blue).

eBay has seen several sales of this graded game. Most recently, copies sold for $11,999 (9.0 A+), $13,501 (9.4 A+), and $12,999 (9.0 A+), all in September of last year. Heritage’s most recent sale of a game in this grade landed at $10,500 just in August of this year.

Currently, this game has a high bid of $2,100 with only hours to go.

Everyone knows Tetris, right? This auction offers a Tetris – Wata 9.4 A+ Sealed [Oval SOQ TM], NES Nintendo 1989 USA.  Not only has this game made its way onto countless platforms, but it’s designated as the sixth best-selling game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  A cognitive effect has even been named after it, the “Tetris effect.”

Other copies have sold on Heritage for $3,120.00 (Wata 9.4 A Sealed, 8/10/21) and $1,560.00 (Wata 9.4 B+ Sealed, 6/29/21). The high bid for this game is $2,600.lf-45-e1630424809616-210x300 Video Game Auctions 8/31: ComicConnect's Event Auction 47 Closes

Last but not least, it’s worth keeping an eye on a WATA 9.0 A+ sealed copy of FIFA International Soccer – SNES EA Sports 1994 USA. This is the first time Heritage has offered the Super Nintendo version of this game, the first in the FIFA series.

Complete copies of this game sell on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $200, with a graded copy currently up for auction on the site for $3000. Given that this is the game that launched a very successful series, where do you see it ending up?

Check out all the listings in this week’s Heritage Video Game Auction HERE.

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