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120121D-1024x536 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEKThe holidays are finally here, and the gift-giving season is now in full swing! Need something to impress a loved one? Want to build your possible niche wrestling, board game, or Christmas-themed collection? Look no further, we’re here to show you some of the most interesting collectible and investment pieces in the video game auction scene! This week we’re taking a look at what realized prices Heritage has for us from last week’s weekly auction. So grab a cold one, and let’s take a peek at the hottest (or more interesting games) in this week’s auctions!

Current Video Game Auctions

Heritage and Comic Connect are once again leading the pack with their upcoming video game auctions. Heritage has also been killing it recently with their weekly auctions, which is not surprising given that they are who they are. We’ve looked at a few pieces already from both auction houses, but there’s enough to last us a while! They have everything from vintage video games to modern consoles, so let’s see what’s in store! lf-2021-12-01T125319.433-e1638381254627-222x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK


Heritage has some beautiful pieces currently, starting with this WATA 9.4 sealed Adventures in the Magic Kingdom game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve talked about this game before, and while it may not be on the radar for some, don’t overlook this game.

This one in particular was never opened, giving it a very high WATA grade. In December of 2020, a WATA 9.8 sold for an impressive $2,400, making this game one investors and collectors should keep an eye on.

lf-2021-12-01T125447.587-e1638381348705-220x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEKLJN’s panned Back to the Future for the NES is also pulling impressive numbers — but likely due to the never-ending popularity of Back to the Future.

With an impressive grade of a WATA 9.8, this is as good as it gets. This game presents beautifully, with bright, bold colors.

This game has been demanding high prices across all grades recorded at this time.

A similar 9.8 sold in April of 2021 for $4680, and with 9 days to go this copy could potentially pass that price.

Final Fantasy is a franchise most of us are wildly familiar with. lf-2021-12-01T130659.767-e1638382057121-261x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

The game has spawned loads of sequels across a number of platforms. Final Fantasy V  for the Gameboy Advance may not seem like a sure thing, but don’t let this game fool you.

This WATA 9.8 doesn’t have a ton of data on it price-wise, making it anyone’s guess as to where this item will end up. Final Fantasy games, regardless of number or platform, always command great selling prices.

Wrestling games are also not to be overlooked. With the popularity of wrestling still at an all-time high, the video games associated with them can be underrated collector’s items. WWF SuperStars 2 is one such game. This could be that one oddball breakout star, especially given there is no price data for the game yet! While it is only a WATA 7.0, the game is still sealed in the box. lf-2021-12-01T130814.473-e1638382137386-247x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Fans of the Japanese card game that took the entire world by storm — Pokemon — should keep an eye on this Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition for the GameBoy.

With a WATA grade of 9.6, this sealed gem will command a high dollar amount. Featuring the iconic Pikachu, this would look great in any collection. A WATA 9.4 sold for just under $15000 in August of 2021, so this game would be the current highest graded on the census. This is an investors and collectors dream game.


Over at ComicConnect, we have a whole bunch of interesting goodies up for auction. elf6.1-272x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

ELF: The Movie for the GameBoy Advance with a WATA grade of 9.2 might not make you rich overnight, but if you’re a niche collector this is a great time to jump on this game. Still sealed in the box, this is perfect for die-hard fans of the movie, and Christmas collectors.

With no previous data on record, it will be fun to see where this game ends.

Another inexpensive holiday game to keep an eye on is Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. With a WATA grade of 9.0, this is perfect for every niche collector, as well as die-hard Disney fans.gri22.2-272x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Looking for something greener? Don’t miss out on this copy of The Grinch for the GameBoy Color. With a WATA grade of 9.4, this fun game has seen some action. A WATA 9.6 sold for $413 in September of 2021, so I could easily see a 9.4 break the $200 mark.

ComicConnect also has a number of board game-themed video games in this auction, which might only appeal to a smaller, yet dedicated, crowd.

Starting with Monopoly for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this game is exactly how it sounds. With a WATA grade of 9.2, this game has surprisingly broken the $1k mark on several sales. Another 9.2 sold for $1200 in August of 2021. oth4.1-1-221x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Othello is another weird game most people will overlook. This WATA graded 8.5 has the potential to break the $100 price tag. A similar 8.5 sold for $132 in October of 2021, a decent jump from the $74 win it commanded in March of 2020.

While it was not originally a board game, Wheel of Fortune has certainly seen its share of merchandise. This WATA graded 8.0 copy for the NES might surprise us all. While a sealed copy sale has yes to be recorded, an unsealed VGA 6.5 sold for $73 in June of 2021. This sealed copy, with its higher grade, will likely go for more.

Another game show video game to keep an eye on is Jeopardy! Sports Edition for the Sega Genesis. With a WATA grade of 9.4, this sealed game could be a sleeper hit in this auction. To date, there are no recorded prices for this game, but I’m sure Jeopardy! fans will take an interest in it.

Realized Game Prices

There hasn’t been too much with realized prices as of yet due to the big auctions still taking place, but Heritage’s weekly auctions always prove to be fun to watch. lf-2021-12-01T163859.927-e1638394797592-257x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

A WATA graded 9.4 A++ copy of Pokemon Yellow Version ended at $6,300. Sunsoft’s Looney Tunes for the GameBoy, boasting a WATA grade of 9.8 A++ ended at $930. Phantom 2040 for the Sega Genesis — yes, based on the pulp era hero — ended at $552, and had a strong WATA grade of 9.6 A+.

Talking Super Jeopardy! for the NES ended at $192 despite its WATA grade of 8.5 B+. Pitfall! for the Activision 2600 ended at a low, yet still surprising, $124, proving that even WATA graded 6.5 CIB games can command money.

If you haven’t been watching Heritage’s weekly auctions, they are worth their weight in gold. There are some gems to find in there, and you’ll even be surprised at what games end where. They even have trading cards in their weekly auction, so truly there is something for every collector out there. Surprisingly, many of the lower graded games still end at over $100, showing the world that video game collection is becoming a viable, real thing. Lower-grade comic books don’t always have such a lucky fate, with many ending under $100. If you agree — or disagree — let me know why in the comments section.

So what do you think? Are you bidding on anything cool, or did you win a new piece for your collection recently? Want to see more video game auction action — or maybe even trading card speculation? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, happy bidding!

000080221A_Games-1-Footer VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/3: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK*Advice and opinions offered in this blog are those of the author and do not represent any investment advice on the behalf of GoCollect.

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