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We are a week away from Christmas, which means now is the time to finish up your last-minute shopping! Still on the hunt for that one thing no one else has? Just want to get yourself something awesome for making it through another year? We hear you, and guess what! There’s something for every type of collector in this week’s post. This week we’re taking a look at what Heritage and ComicConnect have to offer, and we’ll also look at recently realized prices.

Current Video Game Auctions

ComicConnect is at the end of its last Event Auction for this year, and Heritage is mostly running weekly auctions at this point. Yet between the two, we can still find some unique pieces, and maybe some games that will surprise us. Let’s see what we can find this week.


Heritage’s weekly auctions always have fun items in them, and sometimes these auctions can feature some serious gems. Regardless of what kind of games you collect, let’s see what Heritage’s weekly auctions have in store for us.lf-2021-12-17T122027.912-e1639761676126-201x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

If you’re into B-list horror films (like I am), Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes is right up your alley. While many speculate that the game is tied into the cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes world, there is little data to back this up.

Per Heritage, this game is simply a parody — which is fitting, given the nature of the movie. Created for the Atari 2600 in 1983,  this WATA 9.2 is sealed and presents nicely.

There is no prior data for this game, so this killer tomato final price will be anyone’s guess.

Excited for the next Sonic the Hedgehog movie? It’s weird to say I’m excited about this sequel, especially after the roller coaster Sonic fans went through when the last movie came out.lf-2021-12-17T122243.031-e1639761861585-229x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

I’m still having nightmares about Sonic’s original design. Yikes.

But! Sonic II looks to be just as fun as the first Sonic installment. So naturally, there might be some speculation around the Sega Genesis game, Sonic the Hedgehog II!

Since this is an iconic video game character, his earlier appearances will always command more money.

This WATA sealed-in box 9.6 is simply beautiful. This game has been climbing in price too. A similar 9.6 sold for $6K in November of 2021, so this copy could potentially go for more. lf-2021-12-17T122512.176-e1639761996468-203x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Madden has been a video game staple since its inception. Madden 2005 was one of my personal favorites, but I am also from Baltimore. Featuring #52, Ray Lewis, on the cover, Madden games usually retain their popularity fairly well.

This WATA 9.2 has no prior sales to find. In fact, there is no sales data for this game at all.

There’s also a copy of Madden 2009 in this auction, which admittedly has been seeing more action. It features Green Bay’s former quarterback Brett Favre. This WATA 9.6 is simply beautiful, but there is also no prior sales data for this game.

lf-2021-12-17T122734.445-e1639762094187-223x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEKWhat can I say about Cheetahman II? That game is unfinished, collectors go gaga for copies of it, and by all means, it should have never existed. Even the first installment, Cheetahman, should probably not be a thing either. But it is, and here we are.

This WATA 9.2 will go for a pretty penny — it’s already passed the $10K mark with only a few more days to go. Currently, there is no sales data to be found on it online, but if you know, you know. Keep an eye on this game if you’ve never heard of this series before. It’s worth the watch.


With the last Event auction of the year ending tomorrow, let’s see what last-minute goodies we can find — we’ve looked at so many thus far! It’s a little bittersweet writing about their last event auction of the year. It feels like they just had their first one (for 2021) yesterday! att6.2-228x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

It looks like we’re on a murderous food kick. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes for the Nintendo Entertainment System is, in fact, a game based on the previously mentioned cult classic. This WATA 7.0 may be just a mid-grade, but what a cool game to own.

This game usually sits between the $400-500 range regardless of grade, per current sales data. There is no sales data for similar 7.0 copies, but an 8.0 sold for $499 in October of 2021. I have no doubt this game will fall in line with its higher graded counterparts.

If you’re looking at this game as a possible investment piece, you’ll likely be sitting on it for a while. mis31.1-e1639769911510-226x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Remember asking your mom for something in the store, only for her to tell you “No we have that at home”? At first, glance that’s how the Impossible Mission game series looks. It has a similar plot to the infamous Mission Impossible franchise, but this game — despite not being tied into the Mission Impossible world — is actually good.

The first installment is well regarded, and while the second installment wasn’t as good, it was still better than a lot of other games of the era. This WATA 9.4 might surprise those of you who are new to the collecting world. A similar grade copy sold for $288 in July of 2021, a noticeable increase from its $144 price tag just a month prior. This is a game worth keeping eyes on.mis36.3-1-228x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

And of course, there is a Mission Impossible game in this auction! Based on the 1988 TV series, the Mission Impossible game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was an actual tie-in.

This WATA 8.0 only has one sales record on the census — a similar copy sold for $242.50 in September of 2021.

This game is a speculator’s piece, as it has the potential to outdo its last known sale.

Realized Game Prices

Like we said earlier, we won’t know the realized prices for the games in ComicConnect’s last auction of the year until next week. So keep your fingers crossed that we see some impressive sales from this auction and that we’ll get a sneak peek of their next event auction sooner rather than later.

Heritage, on the other hand, does have some new realized prices from their most recent weekly auction. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, with a WATA grade of 9.6 ended at an impressive $43,200. This is no small feat, but this is also the current highest-graded copy of this game.  lf-2021-12-17T144611.276-e1639770408375-201x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

The WATA 9.8 copy of Wolverine: Adamantium Rage ended at $900, while Spider-Man for the Atari 2600 with a WATA grade of 9.8 ended at $3,360.

The WATA 8.0 copy of The Amazing Spider-Man vs The Kingpin for the Sega CD ended at $204. A WATA 9.4 of Mortal Kombat vs The DC Universe (Platinum Hits) for the Xbox 360 ended at $94.

Out of everything in this auction, Zelda won the competition by a landslide. No other game came even close to that price range. Sales were overall strong this week, but compared to the $43K price tag, they might seem a little lackluster.

Did you win anything cool this week? Is there a game you’re speculating on? Just want to talk about video games in general? Leave a comment in the box below, and as always, happy bidding and good luck!

000080221A_Games-1-Footer VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 12/17: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK*Advice and opinions offered in this blog are those of the author and do not represent any investment advice on the behalf of GoCollect.

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