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010722C-1024x536 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEKWelcome back to this week’s video game auctions! This week we’ll be looking at Heritage’s weekly auctions. 2021 was an exciting year with the video game market, and 2022 is setting up to be another incredible year with new record-breaking prices. We’ll also be checking out any recently realized prices if there are any.

Current Video Game Auctions

Right now Heritage has been holding us up with their weekly auctions.

Heritage lf-2022-01-07T152917.806-e1641587441475-203x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you know what Dune is. Based on the book series, which inspired the 80’s masterpiece, which then inspired the reboot, it also had a Sega CD video game.

This game is surprisingly popular and regarded among people who have played the game. The game takes its visuals directly from the 1984 movie, making it one hell of an experience.

This WATA 9.4, which is also sealed, has no prior sales data to look back on. But given the cult-like following this franchise has, it will most likely attract a lot of eyes. This is an investment gamble, but it could potentially pay off in the long run.lf-2022-01-07T153125.813-e1641587548330-226x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

McDonald’s is a company that is recognized the world over. In 1992, the golden arches would release M.C. Kids to the world.

This game was made in less than a year and by fewer than a handful of people and was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy, C64, Atari ST, and even had an MS-DOS port.

This WATA 9.4 sealed game might not be suitable as an investment piece, but this is a unique piece of Americana.

While there is no price data for a 9.4, a 9.6 $192 in February of 2019, so this game could go for a little bit of cash.lf-2022-01-07T153334.530-e1641587675955-203x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Tale as old as time, and before the 1991 Disney masterpiece, Beauty and the Beast had a 1982 video game for the Intellivision console. This classic fairy tale of a young lady who falls in love with a beast and becomes a princess at the end has seen countless retellings over the past few hundred years.

This game, however, has nothing to do with the classic fairytale and is more similar to Donkey Kong.

This WATA 8.0 has no prior sales data to date, but this might be a sleeper hit. Keep your eyes on this one.

Heritage is also giving us a chance to look at their first Video Game Signature Auction of 2022! These auctions are always bigger than the weekly auctions and usually feature harder-to-find items, as well as big-ticket items that might not do as well in a weekly auction. lf-2022-01-07T153753.942-e1641587934632-223x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Bucky O’Hare was one of my favorite cartoons as a child. Created in the late ’70s by Larry Hama and Michael Golden, the titular rabbit didn’t actually make his comic book debut until 1984.

The comic inspired a television show, numerous toys, as well as a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is hard to find, especially in almost like-new condition.

To date, WATA has only graded one higher than this 9.0 sealed copy. While there is no sales data on similar Bucky O’Hare games, this game could easily sell for over $1,500. This is a game worth investing in. lf-2022-01-07T154001.464-e1641588068745-218x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Finding NES games in 9.8 / mint condition can be tough, but very exciting to find — especially when it’s Metal Gear! This beautiful WATA graded 9.8 started the stealth game franchise, which has engrossed players since 1987.

Since its debut Metal Gear has had over a dozen games for a number of platforms, including phone and online games. The series also inspired toy lines, comic books, and even a Japanese radio drama. This is a grail game and one you will undoubtedly pay a premium for.

If you’re looking at this game as an investment piece, you can’t do any worse. A similar 9.8 sold for $28800 in April of 2020, and its value will likely continue to go up.lf-2022-01-07T154207.647-e1641588184443-273x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Remember the Nintendo World Championships? If you don’t there’s only one thing you need to know. The cartridges from the tournament are rare.

This WATA 6.0 grey Nintendo World Championship cartridge is truly one of the holiest of holy grails for video game collectors — it is considered the rarest NES game ever, aside from the gold cartridge.

These cartridges, regardless of grade, routinely sell for over $15K and are always in high demand.

If you are looking at this as an investment piece, you will most likely get a solid return on this item.lf-2022-01-07T154353.397-1-300x261 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

To go along with the cartridge, Heritage is also offering a Nintendo World Championship controller! While yes, it is the same controller everyone else had with their NES, this one has the Nintendo World Championship seal on it.

These are also hard to find and make great collector’s pieces. lf-2022-01-07T154625.738-e1641588424670-276x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Another great item in this auction is this Game Boy Color Prototype board.

These prototypes were a way for developers to play the games, and see what else needed tweaking before release.

While there is no price point on items like this, expect to pay over $200 just for the novelty of it. lf-2022-01-07T154749.630-e1641588544685-193x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Halo took the world by storm when it was released for the original X-Box console. Fans intrigued by what the game would be lined up for hours outside of their retailer of choice for a chance to get their hands on this now console-defining franchise.

The first game in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, is a key grail for video game enthusiasts. This WATA 9.0 sealed copy is one collectors should keep an eye on.

While there is no other data for WATA 9.0 copies of Halo, a 9.2 sold for $6766 in August of 2021, while a 9.8 sold for $25200. The value of this game will continue to rise, but for how long is anyone’s guess. Now would be the time to invest, but I would hang on to this game for a little while. This auction also features a 9.8 as well as a 7.0, offering variety for different price points. lf-2022-01-07T155042.106-e1641588691652-269x300 VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK

Spyro The Dragon was a game my sister and I spent countless hours playing during our summer vacations. The cute purple dragon won us over, but we genuinely enjoyed how easy the gameplay was.

This Playstation classic has seen a number of sequels and is still enjoyed by countless players to this day. This WATA 9.4 sealed copy might not be a part of the first printing group but still deserves our respect.

Similar 9.4 copies have sold for under $10K in recent years, with the last auction for a similarly graded game ending at $8400 in November of 2021.

Realized Game Prices

Unfortunately, we don’t have any realized prices for this week while we wait for the event auctions to truly start up again. Hopefully, by the end of the month, we’ll have a new batch of prices to gush over! Don’t forget to check out our comic book and poster weekly roundups for more auction goodies!

Did you win anything cool this week? Is there a game you’re speculating on? Just want to talk about video games in general? Leave a comment in the box below, and as always, happy bidding and good luck!

000080221A_Games-1-Footer VIDEO GAME AUCTIONS 1/8: HOTTEST GAMES THIS WEEK*Advice and opinions offered in this blog are those of the author and do not represent any investment advice on the behalf of GoCollect.

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