Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

by Sarah Thomas

101321A-300x157 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the BlocksChalk another busy week up on the video game auction boards! As the enthusiasm for the collecting industry increases, so does the number of auctions and results to keep up with. Here are this week’s video game auction notes!

Before we dive in….

092021A_FB_Blog-1-1-1024x536 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

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Currently-Running Graded Video Game Auctions

CertifiedLink’s Fall Auction Open for Bids

CertifiedLink’s Fall Auction offers hundreds of graded (WATA and VGA) video games as well as more than a few gaming consoles for bidders to take a crack at. RADEFB122021915_104032-300x246 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

Most video game entries in this auction are graded by VGA, and they’re the ones commanding the most interest with eight days still to go before closing.

Mega Man X, Majesco Re-Issue- SNES, graded VGA 90+ – In the mid-to-late 90s, Majesco Sales, Inc acquired rights from Nintendo and Sega to rerelease certain 3rd party games for the SNES. They sold these at retail for $20, and they cut corners on physical quality in order to save money. While cheaply-made, it is a lower production run and more unique entry for fans.

This entry has a current high bid of $5,000 after 6 bids.

RADF14282021915_11208-300x243 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the BlocksSUPER MARIO ALL-STARS – SNES, graded VGA 85. With a current bid of $4,600 after 26 bids, this is an entry worth noting.

This is not just one game; it is a compilation of platform games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Containing remakes of Nintendo’s first four Super Mario games released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom Disk System, it includes Super Mario Bros. (1985)Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986), Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988), and Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988).

This auction ends October 19 & 20. Flip through all the entries HERE.

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #48

ComicConnect’s upcoming auction features 160+ graded video games available to bidders.  Until you can place bids, here’s a peek at what they have to offer.kru3.1-200x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

Keep an eye on a Wata VF 8.0 Krull (2600) with an A+ Seal Rating. This game features a First-Party V-Overlap Seam, Silver Box, and Locking Tab Lid. It was released in the USA in 1983, the same year as the movie it is based on, which bombed at the box office.

Copies of this game show up at auction every once in a while, though there are no recent 8.0s to check out. Most recently, a Wata 7.0 sold for $132 (June 2021), a Wata 6.0 sold for $104 (April 2021), and a Wata 7.0 sold for $74 (November 2020).

Also of note is a WATA VF+: 8.5 copy of Othello for NES. This game has a B+ Seal Rating, First-party H-Seam, Rev-A, and 3 Screw cart. This video game is based on the “simple” classic board game, bringing a healthy dose of nostalgia along with it to the auction block.

An 8.0 B+ sold on eBay for $143 in July and a 9.2 A sold through Heritage for $132 in April, both in 2020.dr.18.5-226x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

One last one to look at is a WATA VF+: 8.5 Dr. Mario for NES.  This copy features an A Seal Rating, First-Party H-Seam, Rev-A, Oval SOQ R, Large Warranty w/ Mexico, 9-Digit Zip (USA Code), and 3 Screw Cart.

Dr. Mario was a commercial success, receiving positive reception and selling over 10 million game cartridges worldwide across all platforms.

Two similarly-graded games sold for around $500 this summer, both through Heritage. In summer 2020, an 8.5 B+ sold for $398 on eBay. Where do you see this one landing?

Bidding opens on November 22. Check out all the items in the preview HERE.

Closed Video Game Auctions

Results from Heritage’s October 5 Video Games & Trading Card Games Auction #312140:

Legend of Zelda took three of the top four most-actively bid-on games from last week’s weekly game auction at Heritage. Here’s a look at the top three that saw the most auction as they moved across the block. lf-71-e1634051220492-223x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

The most interest was directed at a Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Wata 9.0 A+ Sealed, N64 Nintendo, 2000, produced in the USA, which ended up selling for $2,520. This is one of three N64 games requiring the N64 Expansion Pak and the first appearance of Tingle. A sealed Wata 9.0 A sold for the same price last month.

The second-highest attention grabber was a Wata 8.5 A Sealed The Legend of Zelda [Oval SOQ TM, Mid Production], NES Nintendo, 1987, produced in the USA.  This first game in The Legend of Zelda series and first appearance of Link, Princess Zelda, and Ganon brought in $19,200.

Wrapping up our top three was a sealed Wata 9.2 A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Oval SOQ TM], NES Ultra, 1989, produced in the USA. This entry brought in $9,600, the same price as a sealed, Wata graded 9.2 A+ copy that sold in August of this year.

Results From Heritage’s Tuesday Video Games & Trading Card Auction #312141:

Heritage’s weekly graded video game auction wrapped up on Tuesday. Several pieces saw a fair amount of action. Here are a few worth taking a look at. lf-62-e1633971077255-262x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

Final Fantasy VII – Wata 9.4 B+ Sealed [“Masterpiece” Misprinted, Mid Production], PS1 Squaresoft 1997 USA. This is the highest-selling game from the Final Fantasy series.

There are actually a few misprinted versions of this game. This game’s misprint is a misplaced “i” in the word “masterpiece” on the back cover’s description of the gameplay.

A sealed 8.0 A copy of the game sold for $2,500 on eBay in March of this year.  We also saw a sealed 8.5 A+ go for $3,360 on Heritage in April. This copy sold for $5,280.

lf-63-e1633971697243-225x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the BlocksDonkey Kong Classics – Wata 9.4 A Sealed [Rev-A, Round SOQ, Early Production], NES Nintendo 1988 USA. This entry is from one of the earliest production runs of the video game and includes a round seal of quality.  Featuring both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. as playable characters, it includes both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

A WATA 9.4 A+ sold on Heritage for $4,560.00 in July of this year, and another 9.4 A+ went for $2,040 through Heritage in January.

This game realized $1,920.

lf-64-e1633972060528-244x300 Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the BlocksPokemon Gold Version – Wata 9.6 A+ Sealed, GBC Nintendo 2000 USA. This game introduced 100 new Pokemon to the video game series known as the “Second Generation” and was released alongside Pokemon Silver.

Pokémon Gold and its Silver counterpart were critically acclaimed upon release. Many players believe them to be the best games in the entire series and they each had a great impact on the fifth generation of video game consoles.

A sealed 9.2 A++ sold in July for $3,840 and a sealed 9.2 A+ sold in June for $3,360, both through Heritage. This entry closed at $6,300.

Check out all the auction entries HERE.

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000080221A_Games-1-Footer Video Game Auction Updates 10/12: VGA & WATA hit the Blocks

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