Veronica #180-184 REVIEW

by Jeff
SUSPEND Veronica #180-184 REVIEW

Suspended Animation Review

Veronica #s 180-184, 185-188/approx. 21 pgs. & $2.25 each from Archie Comic/sold in lots of shops and

There has long been speculation and never much agreement about what makes something an icon. If it were possible to reduce the creation of such a symbol to a formula, that illusive secret would make everyone rich.

Veronica Veronica #180-184 REVIEW

It is, however, possible to point out differences in icons. Veronica Lodge is an icon. She wears no costume, has no super or extended powers, enjoys no exciting adventures like Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones, and yet is known by almost everyone. What she is is a selfish, conniving, egotistical, rich girl who has done nothing to earn her wealth and has no ambitions beyond whatever captures her interest for a moment.

She is also beloved. Considering the aforementioned character flaws, that is amazing indeed.

In the reviewed numbers of her title, Veronica attempts to become the center of attention at her prom, squanders money on possessions she doesn’t need, tries to buy friendship, gossips about and manipulates her friends, and generally makes life crummy. She is and does what the most selfish part of most of us would like to do but don’t, and we live the worst of our desires through her without bearing the consequences. That’s the secret of her success.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that she is well drawn and consistently written in mostly believable situations and with believable dialog. Her success is also possible because she is contrasted by Archie and Betty, Midge and Moose, and a cast of characters who are actually trying to get life right, selflessly, to varying degrees. Without them, Veronica would be a horror.

Now that you know her secret, buy her title, and enjoy. She is a guilty pleasure you can afford.

Veronica is recommended.

Michael Vance

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