Venom 2: Shriek Peek

by Norman Robinson III

168879_5e1f4c2ae827018a5b1c87eb14202c82b27d4547-195x300 Venom 2: Shriek PeekThe Venom franchise has confirmed some Venom 2 cast members and character appearances. One such casting choice might be Naomie Harris (rumored) to play the supervillain Shriek. This character is (obviously) a sonic powered villain. Shriek first appeared in Spider-Man Unlimited #1. Her creation was apparently the brain-child of a trinity of writers Tom DeFalco, Mike Barr, and Terry Kavanagh. In addition, the creature was given life on paper by the creative talents of Ron Lim, Jerry Bingham, and Mark Bagley in 1993. This is the beginning of the Maximum Carnage part 1 that continues in Web of Spider-Man #101.

Shriek is a wack-a-do sociopath who was drawn into Cloak’s (from Cloak and Dagger) Dark Dimension against her will. While entrapped in the darkness, she develops her latent mutant powers: flight, sonic offensive, and defensive projection, and ability to control people and bring out their inner darkness; fear and hate causing violence. She is eventually captured and sentenced to confinement at the Ravencroft Mental Institute. During Carnage’s breakout from the same institute, he frees her and they go on a killing spree in New York City. Exciting first date, huh? Can this crazy sociopathic supervillain turn up the volume on profits, that is, until her book’s inevitable demise post Venom 2?


Spider-Man Unlimited #1

With a new movie about to come out this little beauty has been rocketing up the rankings. This comic book has apparently been hot since the announcement of a potential appearance in Venom 2. Our villainous vixen Shriek was named in early October being somewhat confirmed to appear with Carnage in Venom 2. Rumor, or innuendo it doesn’t matter; Spider-Man Unlimited #1 can be flipped for a nice profit if you already own it.

Shriek_Marvel_Comics-123x300 Venom 2: Shriek PeekShort-Term

  • Grade 9.8 $95 FMV returns positive +119.7%!!!
  • Grade 9.6 $50 FMV returns positive +44.8%
  • Grade 9.4 $50 FMV returns positive +29.3%
  • Grade 9.0 $34 FMV returns positive +30%

I would not invest or speculate below a grade near mint minus a 9.2. Below the near mint grade is just a waste of time and effort. Best bet is to buy a CGC 9.8 now, pay the piper and ride it until the movie Venom 2 has its first trailer, then sell. The ubiquity of these kinds of books back in the 90s makes it unsuitable for long-term buy and hold. But if you are a speculator that flips books constantly, well Shriek is like music to your ears, “cha-ching, cha-ching.”  This chick definitely rocks the short term returns. Besides, it is a double key, the first appearance of Shriek the villain and the beginning of a popular storyline Maximum Carnage.




168880_762903ec29bde88c15cfa3f4af52d519a924ce06-194x300 Venom 2: Shriek PeekSpider-Man Unlimited #2

It seems only fair if we look at the first book in the Carnage series we should check out the last book for this storyline, Spider-Man Unlimited #2. Has this book seen a similar uptick in price and purchases since the confirmation in Oct? This is a good lesson in how the book mentioned above SM Unlimited #1 will trade lower after the movie much like this book’s current prices, warning the returns were hit by the ugly stick, several times. Check it out!

Current State

  • Grade 9.8 last sale $52 decreased by a negative return -29.9%
  • Grade 9.4 last sale $15 decrease in value from $52 negative return -69.3%
  • Grade 8.5 last sale $20 decrease in value with a negative return of -42.9%


shriek3-300x279 Venom 2: Shriek Peek


There is more red in these returns; than a Carnage massacre. Avoid Spider-Man Unlimited #2, and learn the lesson, not all Maximum Carnage storyline books have the same value. To my fledgling speculators out there, stick with Spider-Man Unlimited #1. It has momentum, but not staying power. My suggestion get in-and-out quick “like a duck mating” (Source: Remo Williams). Otherwise, the shrieks you hear will be your own cries of agony as your bank account dwindles.





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