VATICAN ASSASSIN #2 now available

by Jeff

3390_42183B VATICAN ASSASSIN #2 now availableMedia Release — Bernard Campion – BC – is the Pope’s man. Under papal orders, he’s just assassinated the governor of an independent city state. All around him a religious war rages! A medieval tale of holy intrigue? Hardly. It’s the year 2109, and BC has just eliminated Meredith McEntyre, the Governor of Lunar Prime, the main city on the Moon! Can BC get away with murder?

The science fiction adventure continues in Vatican Assassin #2, with art by Cristian Navarro and story and lettering by myself, Mike Luoma, adapting my science fiction novel of the same name. Cristian is helping me tell the story in a new way, faithful to the novel, but not the same. I really love the cinematic angles he uses. Makes me think it would be fun to tell this story as a movie someday!

Vatican Assassin #2 is being released in a number of different formats. You can read it for free online, hosted at . Chunks of pages, groups of two and three, will come out every Wednesday and Saturday through May there. It’s also on sale for ninety-nine cents for the Kindle at, and soon in other digital formats at And you can get the good old-fashioned print versions online at

The first issue of the black and white comic is also available in print at the online book store, and can be read in its entirety at DrunkDuck. There are links to everything at .

Check out the cover here:

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