Variant Edition Thursday 8/7/08

by Jeff

THE VE GUYS SAY: Variant Edition’s on vacation this week…or at least Kevin is. So while the show is a little later than usual, we still pulled together to bring you a quick dose of comic knowledge you need before you step into the comic book shop this week: the best books hitting the stands and the latest headlines.

Mike’s at Classic Comics (our usual location) with the Rundown of the books you can expect to find in shops this week. Kevin’s got our Pick of the Week from his vacation in Maine. Nick checks in from home with the news including a multitude of Terminators, Batman’s never ending record breaking and the Billion dollar super hero summer. Then Luis also checks in from home with some First Looks, including: Hulk #5, Ultimate Origins #3 and Venom Dark Origin #1.

We almost made it for Tuesday…everything was shot…but blame Vacationland. Next week, we’re back in Jersey and hopefully back on schedule!


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may082275d Variant Edition Thursday 8/7/08
Hulk #5
jun082309d Variant Edition Thursday 8/7/08
Venom Dark Origin #1 (of 5)

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