Variant Edition 76 Part 1

by Jeff

THE VE GUYS SAY: An episode so epic it had to be split into 2 episodes! Gaze on the epicness of the first part! Our march to catch up continues with reviews, including: Final Crisis #1, H P Lovecraft’s Haunt of Horror #1, Elephantmen #12 and Action Comics #866. Then we hulk out for a discussion on the new Incredible Hulk movie.


Watch out for part 2 later this week with more reviews (Captain America, Goon, Wolverine and more).

Next week Variant Edition Tuesdays return with a special episode.

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JUN080183D Variant Edition 76 Part 1
Final Crisis #1 Directors Cut Special #1
oct072007d Variant Edition 76 Part 1
Elephantmen #12
apr080196d Variant Edition 76 Part 1
Action Comics #866

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