Variant EAST OF WEST #16 covers revealed

by Jeff

EastofWest.016.CVR5 Variant EAST OF WEST #16 covers revealedMedia Release — Image Comics is pleased to announce that we are offering an exclusive set of covers celebrating the return of EAST OF WEST in December. Artist and co-creator Nick Dragotta and colorist Frank Martin Jr. have created a stunning seven-cover montage featuring nearly every series character featured to date.

“We are extremely excited with how East of West: Year Two is shaping up,” said co-creator and writer Jonathan Hickman. “Sometime when Nick and I were talking about where the story was going and all the unbelievable stuff we have planned, Nick latched onto the idea of doing a big piece that kind of reflected on what we’d already done and tease some of the things coming up. And, good lord, has he produced something jaw-dropping.”

Each cover represents one of the territories that make up the American Apocalypse and will be available on 12/31.

EAST OF WEST #16 Cover A (Diamond Code OCT140595)

EAST OF WEST #16 Covers B-H are connecting covers, each representing a different territory in the EAST OF WEST series:

EAST OF WEST #16 Cover B THE PRA (Diamond Code OCT148243)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover C TEXAS (Diamond Code OCT148244)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover D ENDLESS (Diamond Code OCT148245)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover E KINGDOM (Diamond Code OCT148246)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover F CONFEDERACY (Diamond Code OCT148247)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover G UNION (Diamond Code OCT148248)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover H ARMISTICE (Diamond Code OCT148249)
EAST OF WEST #16 Cover I McKelvie/Wilson (Diamond Code OCT148250)

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