VAMPIRELLA mania continues April 2011

by Jeff

VAMPIRELLA_BOX VAMPIRELLA mania continues April 2011Media Release — With Vampirella #1 main covers sold out from Dynamite, and Vampirella #2 close to a near sell out, there is no question that Dynamite’s Vampirella title is a bonafide hit! In April, we have not one but three Vampirella products; Vampirella #6, Vampirella Aurora Model Kit & a limited Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TPB!

Vampirella #6 is written by Eric Trautmann (Action Comics co-written with Greg Rucka), illustrated by Wagner Reis and Fabiano Neves and will arrive at comic shops next April 2011with amazing covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Paul Renaud, Ale Garza, and Fabiano Neves! In issue #6, an ancient, unknowable evil claws its way into our world. Vampirella must stand alone…or all that lives will suffer and die. With Dracula’s minions pursuing their own agendas, and legions of tentacular horrors from beyond reality scrabbling for a foothold on the material plane, only one thing is certain: there will be blood.

Vampi06-cov-Renaud VAMPIRELLA mania continues April 2011Vampi06-cov-Garza VAMPIRELLA mania continues April 2011Vampi06-cov-Djurdjevic VAMPIRELLA mania continues April 2011

“Dynamite’s first Vampirella arc concludes here, amid tentacular horrors, arterial spray and as much hallucinatory weirdness as I can pack into 22 pages,” says writer Eric Trautmann. “It’s been a hell of a fun ride for me, and as pleased as I am to reach the climax of this particular chapter in Vampirella’s life, I’m equally excited that we’re moving on into even stranger territory.”

“We’re extremely proud to have such immediate success with Dynamite’s Vampirella relaunch, says Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. “Everyone from Eric Trautmann to artists Wagner Reiss and Fabiano Neves, and cover artists J. Scott Campbell, Paul Renaud, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Joe Madureira, Ale Garza, Joe Jusko, Alex Ross have brought such great attention to our launch by doing such amazing work. And working with Moebious to bring Vampirella’s Aurora Kit model, as well as the limited quantites of Vampirella Crimson Chronicles are just icing on top. We look forward to Vampirella’s continued success!”

The Vampirella Aurora Model Kit is a snap-fit model kit of the sexy seductress of all vampires! Moebius completes the line of 70’s Aurora Monsters with this re-issue of Vampirella. This 1:13 scale Vampirella Model Kit is a snap-fit kit that features easy assembly, movable parts, and ghoulishly girlie details! No glue is needed. The sexy seductress is a reproduction of the original Aurora model kit from back in the day, and she’s simply tempting and irresistible even if she does want to drink your blood!

The Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TPB is a warehouse find, with only 300 copies of this collection available. A collection of Vampirella stories from the original Vampirella #1-37, including nearly every Vampirella story written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Jose Gonzalez! This is the one indispensible volume for every Vampirella fan.

Vampirella debuted in 1969 in a black & white magazine titled simply VAMPIRELLA. With a stunning cover by legendary artist, Frank Frazetta, Vampirella #1 quickly made publishing history with its depiction of a vampire heroine, and its success prompted comics giants DC and Marvel to launch horror titles of their own. Vampirella appeared in this magazine format throughout the 1970’s. Many of these classic stories were illustrated by the legendary artist Jose Gonzalez and have remained quite popular with comics fans to the present day.

After a brief publishing hiatus, Vampirella returned in 1992 and quickly regained her reigning status as the queen of all female comics characters! In continuous publication since her early 90s comeback, Vampirella has been written by top talents including Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, James Robinson, Jeph Loeb, Warren Ellis, and illustrated by fan favorite artists such as Joe Quesada, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Jae Lee, Adam Hughes, Mark Texeira, Joe Jusko, Arthur Suydam, and many more! A Vampirella feature film premiered on Showtime Networks in 1996, and the character continues to appear on numerous items of licensed merchandise. Earlier this year, Dynamite Entertainment acquired the Vampirella property from Harris Publications.

Vampirella is now a part of Dynamite’s thriving comic book line-up, which will propel Vampirella to new heights just as we did with Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Red Sonja and more.


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