VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor level

by Jeff

Vampi01-Cov-Sale-Reorder VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor levelMedia Release — Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce that Vampirella #1 has sold out at Diamond! There are no plans for a second printing at this time (although copies may still be available at your local retailer), but the Vampirella #1 Tim Sale cover (OCT108115E) is still available for re-order!

“I couldn’t be happier of the response to Vampirella,” says writer Eric Trautmann. “Approaching such an established and beloved character — particularly with an eye towards creating stories that are both familiar but also take some chances — is a daunting proposition, so I’m quite pleased that people are responding to it. Stick around; it’s going to get a lot crazier!”

“WOW! All of Dynamite’s hard work has paid off with the sell-out of Vampirella #1,” says Dynamite President Nick Barrucci. “We hoped for this, and it feels great having achieved a sell-out of the regular covers. Fortunately we have the Tim Sale covers (OCT108115E) still available.”

“Vampirella #1 is our strongest selling independent debut of 2010,” says VP of Purchasing of Midtown Comics Gahl Buslov. “It has been outselling many of the recent Marvel and DC #1 titles of the last couple months, even surpassing the sales of the seemingly unsurpassable Boys!”

Look at all the great reviews we have gotten for Vampirella #1!

“Eric Trautmann and Wagner Reiss succeed in putting their mark on Vampirella, creating a new world and a new tone for the original comic book bad girl.” – Newsarama

“Vampirella promises to be a terrific addition to Dynamite! Eric Trautmann respects the character and Wagner Reis with Inlight Studios recreates the baddest heroic vampire of them all.” – Comics Bulletin

Vampirella #1 is a strong, accessible debut with some real mood and character to it – – I just hope it’s going to get as outrageous as I’ve understood the character to be.” – Comic Vine

The amazing new Vampirella series from Dynamite Entertainment continues in January with Vampirella #2! Vampirella has tracked her prey, the bloodthirsty Vlad Dracula, to Seattle and a vicious nest of vampires preying on the young and the lost. In the clutches of Le Fanu-one of Dracula’s oldest and most trusted lieutenants – Vampirella must face a growing threat more terrifying than any she has ever encountered… for Le Fanu has exposed Vampirella to her own deepest and darkest secrets – Vampirella herself (shown in a special story within a story in this very issue)! Get Vampirella #2 at comic book stores now, written by Eric Trautmann (Action Comics co-written with Greg Rucka), illustrated by Wagner Reis, with covers by Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic, Joe Jusko, Paul Renaud, and Lucio Parillo!

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Vampi01-cov-Ross-A VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor levelVampi01-cov-Djurdjevic VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor levelVampi01-cov-Campbell VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor levelVampi01-cov-Ross-RareVariant VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor levelVampip01-Cov-Mad-col_v2 VAMPIRELLA #1 sells out at distributor level

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