Value Checkup: Marvel’s Street Level Heroes

by Todd Neikirk

051823D-1024x536 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level HeroesThe DC Comics Universe features fictional places like Keystone City, Metropolis, and Gotham City. Stan Lee, though, made the decision to locate many of his heroes directly in New York City. As a result, there are several Marvel heroes that ply their trade on the streets rather than in the skies.

Marvel has some of the best street-level heroes in comic books. Spider-Man controls Queens and Daredevil takes care of Hell’s Kitchen. Luke Cage is based in Harlem and Clint Barton has spent plenty of time in Brooklyn. Below are some of the greatest street-level hero stories. 

Amazing Spider-Man #50 

Spider-Man-50-199x300 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level Heroes

In this issue, from 1967, Peter Parker fed up with attacks from J. Jonah Jameson, decides to stop acting as Spider-Man. At the same time, a mysterious figure, known only as the Kingpin, takes control of the criminal underworld. By the end of the issue, Peter chooses to remain a hero and the Kingpin is revealed to be Wilson Fisk. 

This is a landmark issue, as Fisk would go on to become the greatest adversary of the hero Daredevil and take his place as the Marvel Universe’s best street-level villain. Due to the age of the book and the key first appearance, it is quite expensive. A CGC 8.0 copy of the book will cost collectors around $3,000. 

Daredevil #183 

Daredevil-183-193x300 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level Heroes

This book, featuring a stunning cover, marked the first-ever meeting between the Punisher and Daredevil. In the classic Frank Miller tale, the two vigilantes are on the hunt for the Hogman, a drug dealer responsible for the death of a little girl. 

The two men clash, of course, on their differing beliefs in how they should handle the criminal. The issue a Marvel street hero classic. Daredevil 183 is readily available online and sells for around $400 in CGC 9.8 condition. Miller-signed copies are also highly sought after. 

Alias #1

Alias-1-198x300 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level Heroes

One of the most popular writers of the last two decades, Brian Michael Bendis is outstanding at writing about street level heroes. This was proven with his work on both Powers and Daredevil. In November of 2001, he introduced one of his foremost creations; hard-drinking, sort of powered private investigator Jessica Jones. 

Jones’ first appearance comes Alias #1. She has since become a key player in the Marvel Universe and was also the subject of a well-regarded television show, portrayed by actress Krysten Ritter. This issue is quite affordable online with CGC 9.8 copies selling for around $300. 

Power Man #48 

Power-Man-48-195x300 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level Heroes

Luke Cage was a popular character after he was introduced in Hero for Hire 1. Sales had dipped on his books over the year and the decision was eventually made to team him up with Iron Fist. Readers delighted in the light-hearted nature of the series, which made it different than other books featuring street-level heroes. 

The partnership remains strong to this day and there have been multiple reboots of the series. But collectors may want to own a copy of the first-ever team-up. Power Man #48, which features that team-up, sells for around $650 in a CGC 9.8. 

Moon Knight #1 

Moon-Knight-1-201x300 Value Checkup: Marvel's Street Level Heroes

DC’s most famous street-level hero is, of course, Batman. And Marvel’s Moon Knight has been described as Batman with schizophrenia. The popular hero was given his own series in November of 1980. Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz’s hero would attempt to clean up the streets of New York. 

There is a renewed interest in Moon Knight after the character was featured in a new show on Disney Plus. Collectors, though can still grab a CGC 9.8 Moon Knight #1 for a little over $400. 

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Sean May 20, 2023 - 3:10 pm

If it’s their first meeting, why does it say “Again… The Punisher” on the cover?

Jack Kornblatt May 21, 2023 - 7:16 pm

Because the Punisher showed up many times in the previous issue to escape prison, but him and Daredevil never met in the issue


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