Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil Antagonists

by James Jou

118062_90e38f16ed35df894f1e86c823204b954cc654af-150x150 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil AntagonistsA disturbance has been sensed in the market of a few lower tier Daredevil antagonists.  A peculiar uptick.



118062_90e38f16ed35df894f1e86c823204b954cc654af-198x300 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil AntagonistsDAREDEVIL #8 (1965)

The major significance of Daredevil #8 is that it contains the 1st appearance of the antagonist Stilt Man, with stilts so tall that he can rob a helicopter. Funnily enough, Daredevil is only able to defeat the Stilt Man after shrinking him.

From 2011 to 2013, sales for the book at the higher end grades of CGC 9.0-8.0 (the top 26.8-48.8%) were relatively low in volume, but they did have a noticeable trend upward that peaked in mid-2013. You can observe this in the sales data below. For the next few years, the market for Daredevil #8 cooled off. While volatility of the price range grew wider, the trend was downward. Finally, in 2017, the market for the book appeared to have found a bottom.

dd_1a-300x181 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil Antagonists

Most interestingly, sales prices for the last year and a half have not just started a move upwards, but have already surpassed the 2014 levels. A CGC 8.5 slab has even set a new high with a $355 sale price; placing it higher than the 2013 peak.



118316_2c7b645bdb14a7c3ecb4b723009dbe94797fdd04-197x300 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil AntagonistsDAREDEVIL #10 (1965)

It might be easy to write off the above Daredevil #8’s market sentiment change as an anomaly, so to glean more information we look to another nearby book: Daredevil #10. The major key significances of this book are that it contains the 1st appearances of Deborah Harris, the Ani-Men, and the Organizer. Below are sales for Daredevil #10 also in the grades CGC 9.0-8.0 (the top 22.3-46.0%).

Compared with Daredevil #8, the sales volume of Daredevil #10 is substantially lower, but it is enough to see that its market behavior over the same time period has been similar to the aforementioned book. A peak in 2013, a decline in sales in the years following, and finally an upward movement in recent years.

dd_2b-300x181 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil Antagonists



118514_c01ee72032ab99f2e69fb5eccb86859fc699897e-194x300 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil AntagonistsDAREDEVIL #12 (1966)

Alright, so maybe that’s just a coincidence that two books have similar market behavior. Coincidences happen. To that, we’ll throw in another nearby numbered book: Daredevil #12. This book contains the 1st appearance of Plunderer. The sales volume is even lower than both books above, so we expand the data to CGC 9.2-8.0 (the top 17.8-52.4%).

dd_3c-300x181 Uptick in Some Lower Tier Daredevil Antagonists

Again, the sales volume is very, very low, but with one quick look, we observe a similar market behavior. The one difference is that the grades observed here had its highest peak in 2012. That aside, the aspect that we are interested in is the recent upward move in sales prices, which is also present with Daredevil #12.




Will this upward trend continue? Most recently, the major event affecting Daredevil books is the 2018 cancellation of the Netflix series. Even after that, sales prices still reached higher in the following year. For a long-term strategy, it could be a good idea to reduce your holdings of any of the above books. Although it is definitely tempting to see if the upward trend will continue, just keep in mind the price levels from 2014 to 2017.



“The Stilt Man will stride again!” – Stilt Man


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