6 Month Review: Books That are Currently Undervalued

by Joseph Overaitis

060121C-300x157 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently UndervaluedUPON FURTHER review is a new feature on GoCollect. Fans of the NFL know about coaches throwing a red flag to request an official’s review of a play. This blog will look from a reader’s perspective at the intent of the blog and if the author was correct with their advice. I want our readers to know I have the benefit of time on my side in this review. No reviewer can be perfect all the time. So let us throw a red flag on….my article,  Books that are Currently Undervalued.

Using GoCollect

A fact that many of the readers do not realize is that the writers who write for GoCollect get no advantages.  We get the same data you get at the same time.  Many of us subscribed to GoCollect because we realized that data is now an important tool in the investing world.  Years ago you had a chance to get a hot book before others knew about it, but that has changed with the internet.  Everyone now gets the “hot” news at record speed, so sales data and trends are now where you can get an advantage over other collectors.

GoCollect gives you sales data and trends in a digestible format.  I use it to find “blue ocean” books that others do not see as being hot, but these books have potential. This article was the very first one I wrote on books that I had very little interest in but had potential.   I am reviewing my own article because I want to see if I was right on these choices of books that were not on other’s radar.

Books Selectedstg-300x203 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently Undervalued

The first book I selected was Booster Gold #1.  The reason I selected this book was the potential of the character.  I also loved looking at a smaller investment that could have great returns.  Many readers can not afford to drop thousands of dollars on a book so I had to come up with something that was affordable.  This book also could appeal to those high-dollar investors who may have wanted to diversify their investments with some risk.

The next book I selected was Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1.  I must confess that I was never a fan of the television show.  I had a brother who watched it regularly as well as a nephew, but not me.  A lesson  I have learned as an investor is that sometimes it is not about what I like, but what fans and other investors like that is important.  This book again had a small FMV so it again was not on the radar of most hobbyists.

Parameters of the Review

I will again set the review period to the time, November 14, 2020, and go all the way to May 30,2021.  The start date is one day after the article went to press and goes on for roughly six months.  This short window is a good length to review your investment.  It allows you to determine what your next step will be:  Hold, Sell, or Buy More.

Did I Make A Good Call?

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6IjE5OWJkYTQ3LTlhZDAtNDE2YS1hMTE1LTI0MzExNjUzODZjMS5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6W119-195x300 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently UndervaluedBooster Gold  #1                 

Grade                        Trend

9.8                            +37.3%

9.6                            +29.9%

9.4                           +50.6%

9.2                          +48.2%

No Red is always a good sign.  There were a few other sales in different grades but not enough to produce data that I could report trends.

Apparently, 9.2 may be the cut-off to buy if you are looking to see demand from buyers.

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6IjA0Yjg5ZTEyLTNlYmUtNDFlYS1hZjE0LTQ5OTJlNDJkMWQ5NC5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6W119-195x300 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently UndervaluedSaban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  #1

Grade                        Trend

9.8                            +75.7%

9.6                            +169.7%

9.4                           +234.3%

9.2                          +66.7%

Once again there were not enough sales below the 9.2 grade to generate trends.  This shows that at this moment books below 9.2 should not be considered investment worthy if you want to find a large pool of buyers.

Instant Analysis

I am deeply disappointed in Booster God #1.  Comic books have been exploding in value and yet this book is still being ignored. I still believe in the character too much to dump this book now. The problem is if you bought this book for a short-term game. It has severely underperformed when compared to other books.

Based upon the numbers, you should be very impressed with my recommendation of Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1.  I am not!  The 9.6 and 9.4 grades had two book sales for those grades that seemed to influence the numbers.  I would look to this as either a price adjustment; an uneducated buyer who bought very high; or possible market manipulation by a buyer and seller.  If you exclude those sales, this book is still performing at a nice clip to justify either selling it now and realizing a profit or keeping it and hoping for even greater returns decades from now.

f-grade-300x200 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently UndervaluedSo How Do I Rate Myself?

I am never easy on myself.  The readers deserve my best.  This was my first attempt to really try to write an article about “blue ocean” books that had long-term potential that others ignored.  I should have mentioned that more in the article.  I  also wish I  researched more on other possible first appearances of the Rangers because some suggested that another book could be considered a first appearance.

If you would ask me how I would grade myself I consider it an F.  Why am I that hard on myself when the books are returning profits?  I believe if I ever settle on the past I will fail in the duty I owe you, the reader.  As a writer, I must constantly try to surpass my past recommendation and continue to find books that others are missing.  Tom Brady was once asked, “what is your favorite Super Bowl Ring?”.  Rob Gronkowski knew what his QB would say before he even said it…”The next one!”  Well I am already researching to find you the next one. The readers deserve that from the GoCollect team.

Upgrade2_Footer 6 Month Review: Books That are Currently Undervalued

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