Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver Age

by Norman Robinson III

d748a7d2b2a5e5884d9ac02d80a10bdf-193x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeThree months wiser and the collectibles market is still thriving and for that matter so is the stock market. Investments are important in times of economic stress, primarily as a security blanket for those with limited means. The Depression was a long time ago, but the people that went through it were never quite the same about money, or investments again. No telling what our collective Zeitgeist will draw from this pandemic. But we do know one thing for sure, the comic resale market is alive and well. Case in point, the comic book market is booming for online stores and anyone with a buddy on Facebook. Shortly across the country LCS’s will start to open up. My prediction: huge business will happen for those stores, those that are still standing will do well. I have been following a couple of key comics for the last three months to give trend returns from the Modern, Bronze, and Silver Age keys. How are some of the popular keys of each age holding up in today’s market?


142771_f0655e9dcb15bdeb34c33ff5c14af087dd6ea3db-1-196x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeApril’s Conclusion

“Well, folks, the winner is Venom! The Modern Age held up well during this tumultuous time period. Amazing Spider-Man #300 last month has seen a month over month increase of +37%. The trending return is a solid positive +24.5%. Further, and this is the “coup de grace” to the other two ages, it has almost solid green in every grade category. If you have been reading my articles you know I consider broad-based positive trends up and down the grades a hugely positive trend and a solid indicator of future positive returns. This book defy’s gravity each and every time. There are simply too many fans of Venom to not percolate this book upwards. Sometime in the distant future people will pile out of these like the world is ending, but for now, Amazing Spider-Man #300 is King of the Modern Age. Pandemic paralysis has delayed positive trends in the other two ages. However, the Modern Age, like its name implies is the future.”




May’s Results…

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census March April May
Modern Age-Amazing Spider-Man #300 6.0 $250 499 -12.5% +24.8% +15.7%
Bronze Age-Eternals #1 6.5 $71 102 +57.8% -36.8% -23.4%
Silver Age- Fantastic Four #48 6.5 $1830 501 +1.3% -0.2% -5.7%


clean-11-193x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeYou can clearly see from these charts there is a slight flight to quality by the Modern Age collectors. Many count Amazing Spider-Man #300 as almost like a blue-chip stock, despite many printings. By way of comparison Eternals #1 has merely broken even over the last several months. The March number was stupendous, but April and May, not so much. It evens out to about a -3% loss in return trends for Eternals #1 since the first of the year. Never one of my favorite teams in Marvel, they nonetheless have a positive catalyst with an upcoming movie. You do not want to own this after the movie.



118643_ec1fe51db751f05915131fc54530a9fc6f73dcbc-200x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeThe Fantastic Four is a little tougher to analyze because the trends are minuscule. However long-term Fantastic Four #48  is a solid bet. This huge key commands about a positive +68.5% return trend over the last twenty years. I really see the March, April, and May numbers as almost inconsequential for this age-old key. The Silver Surfer has a huge fanbase among both Gen-X and the Millenials. After all, who does want to own the first appearance of Silver Surfer and Galactus? It will always be traded and invested in and the long-term numbers say it is a solid bet.



145771_1b72c7853ebcf0961ac485a0c330e433fb4c076b-192x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeConclusion

And the winner is…?

Amazing Spider-Man #300 it held up well during the crisis and ensuing pandemic. Perhaps a flight to quality for Modern Age investors? Maybe quick sales for easy cash has allowed folks normally unable to, get the chance to buy a copy. Who doesn’t want the first Venom appearance?



142771_f0655e9dcb15bdeb34c33ff5c14af087dd6ea3db-1-196x300 Update 2020: The Modern, Bronze and Silver AgeAmazing Spider-Man #300 recorded a slight loss in March and then 180 degrees spin around to profitability with April and May (+24.8% and +15.7%). Roughly this corresponds to a positive +30% upside. Not bad for the Modern Age, I know of two comic speculators who will be very happy to read this book is still hot. Both these speculators bet the ranch on this particular comic book, bravo! The take-away there are two characters you never bet against Spidey and any creation of Todd McFarlane’s. The current collectibles neighborhood is still friendly for comic book speculators. Two of these three big keys held up well, and there is really no need to be concerned, and certainly not worried over a slight uptick or downtick. If we go into an economic tailspin then things might change; but for now, Mr. McFarlane’s collectibles are strong as Spidey webbing.

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Pete May 25, 2020 - 12:48 pm

The winner is…Amazing Spider-Man #300. Not Venom. It may be the first appearance of Venom but it’s a Spider-Man comic book. The comic is also popular because it’s a milestone 300th issue!

Norman Robinson III June 3, 2020 - 12:12 am

noted, Spidey and not Venom understand completely. Nam

Josh May 25, 2020 - 4:06 pm

Always love the insights. Would love to see an analysis of the Spider-man 606-607 run. I have a newsstand 607 and would not mind further review about the issues by a professional.

Norman Robinson III July 3, 2020 - 8:43 am

I have it noted and will try to get to these in the next two weeks. Thanks for reading. Nam


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