Up-Close-and-Personal with the Skrulls!

by Jeff

The Secret Invasion is upon us, but just who are the Skrulls? What are their goals? Find out in Skrulls!, a new one-shot exploring the history of the invaders behind this summer’s blockbuster comic book event…and revealing some secrets too! Featuring a cover by superstar artist Greg Horn, and 64 pages of ad-free content, this is an essential companion for all fans of Secret Invasion!

As Secret Invasion and its tie-ins continues to top the sales chart, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Skrulls! Now it’s time to find out the truth behind what may be the greatest threat the Marvel Universe has ever faced!

SKRULLS! (MAY082319)
Cover by GREG HORN
Rated T+ …$4.99
FOC—6/19/08, On-Sale—07/09/08

MAY082319D Up-Close-and-Personal with the Skrulls!
Skrulls One-shot

clmb20AD Up-Close-and-Personal with the Skrulls!

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