Unique Sales: Single Pages of Action Comics #1

by Matt Tuck

041822F-1024x536 Unique Sales: Single Pages of Action Comics #1When the issue number for an Action Comics #1 is fetching $7k, you know things have gotten out of hand. If you kept track of the single pages being sold, you’d have seen it coming years ago. 

Action-Comics-1-Coverless-188x300 Unique Sales: Single Pages of Action Comics #1In the past month, the big news has been the ridiculous price tag for one square from Action Comics #1. You heard that right. On March 16, a small box clipped out of Superman’s first appearance that simply had the issue number sold for $7,101. That’s insane, and it signals a huge wave of lofty price tags for those single pages from the most rare of comics.

Anything is Something

Some comics are so valued and beloved that owning any piece of its history is a hallmark of any collection. When I say piece, I literally mean even the smallest of pieces, hence the aforementioned #1 box. The thing to remember is that collectors covet anything from Action Comics #1. Whether it’s a moldy, water-damaged copy with rusty staples or the cover is completely missing, it’s still one of the most valuable prizes in all of comics.

The lowest grade on record, the 0.5, was sold for $10,200 in 2005. In December, a 3.0 brought $1.6 million. It’s no wonder that collectors will take anything from an Action Comics #1, and that includes torn-out pages from the holiest of holy grails.

Proof is in the Pages

Many collectors forget that Superman only appeared in the first 13 pages of Action Comics #1. He was the featured act, certainly, but the Man of Steel was one of eleven stories featured in the issue. Clearly, the most coveted pages are those with Superman in the panels, especially if he is in full costume. With the issue’s rarity and historical significance, having one page with Superman brings thousands of dollars. A graded first page sold for $25,000 in December. 

Action-Comics-1-page-13-190x300 Unique Sales: Single Pages of Action Comics #1The amounts fall dramatically after page one, but the prices are still ridiculously high. A slabbed page two brought $5,583 in 2020, and the third page had a $7,200 price tag a year ago. With the clipped #1 rivaling that figure, there’s a possibility the next pages two or three will approach the $10k mark or higher. For that matter, a page four already reached $9,500 last May, but a page five blew just about everything out of the water when it sold for $23,000 that August. 

Whether or not Superman is on the page doesn’t detract from the collecting appeal. This time last year, a page 28 that was not part of the Superman story sold for $2,250. Even a page 30 earned $2,589 in August. Definitely, the pages to have are those with the Man of Steel in all his glory, but collectors will take anything they can get their hands on.

Where Could we go from Here?

Before you know it, the world will be celebrating Superman’s 100th birthday. With single pages already hitting the $25k mark and single numbers getting four figures, it is quite likely those prices will double by 2038. All those baffling figures are a testament to the popularity of comics’ most enduring and iconic figures as well as the rising interest in collectibles and their investment potential.

What do you think? What comic page would you hunt for? Let us know in the comments!

000080221A_Posters-Footer Unique Sales: Single Pages of Action Comics #1*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.


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Frank Lopiccolo April 24, 2022 - 5:58 pm

You know we’re in a bubble when people are paying this kind of money for scraps of paper! This is scary. The grading companies shouldn’t even be accepting these in the first place! They’re responsible for creating this nonsense. What’s next, just the “24 Cents” from a 1918 inverted Jenny Stamp will be graded & slabbed?!? Just the number “311” from the back of a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card?!?

Kenloi April 25, 2022 - 12:33 pm

Or just some people have too much money to know what to do with and FOMO has caught up with true non comic investors. The graded ‘1’ sold from Action 1 was ridiculous.What i genuinely find most annoying about the current collecting boom is everyone now using mobile phone comic apps and every possible desirable comic in most shops are either triple or quadrupled in price instanly in any condition because the app says so. The app is useful but unfortuneatly everyone now thinks so. A victim of their own success. My favourite local comic shop was always renouned for underpricing large inventories to sell quickly from a vf to a nm+ would be the same very low price and it would be fun looking through them all, knowing a bargain would be found. Recently the owner scans the internet all the time picking out any ‘hot’ comic and instantly tripling the price. He also has a new staff member who re-prices, then doubles that tripled price on most desirable comics regardless of condition. I was the only person in the shop for 1 hour. I bought one overpriced comic. Who knows where this is going but it seems the cost of living on everything at the moment not just comics is doubling at a rapid rate. I dont see a comic bubble burst but a western world global recession coming! I actually see comics becoming more desirable as currency, as paper money is becoming slowly worthless.


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