Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1

by Norman Robinson III

nova-194x300 Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1Nova has had a lot of media attention due to three event possibilities. Has this book gotten too expensive? Is there still an opportunity to fly high with the first comic book profits? What grades are the best to invest in?

The character was part of the Nova Corps from Xandar. This planet has figured heavily in Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie is going to have a third sequel and there is talk of an appearance. Also, the character was part of the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point. Given there are tons of hype with Gunn’s sequel in Guardians of the Galaxy 3; there exists a strong possibility that we will see this superhero in that venue.  In addition, Richard Rider (Nova) is also a member of the New Warriors a group consisting of junior superheroes that are popular and could become a TV series.

nova-194x300 Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1

Nova #1

This comic book is the first appearance of Nova (Richard Ryder).  It is a dual key as it is also his origin story.  It was created by Marv Wolfman, Rich Buckler, and John Buscema in 1976.  Richard Rider also appears frequently in the Spider-Girl series which is yet another reason to promote and invest in this character. 

“Nova derives his powers from an energy source called the Nova Force which all Nova Corps Centurions wield. This energy was transferred to Rider by the Nova-Centurion Rhomann Dey. The Nova Force affords Rider superhuman powers including flight, superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as the power to absorb energy directed against him and release it as gravimetric pulses and beams, either from specific parts of his body or from his entire body. Nova is a good hand-to-hand combatant and has been coached by Chord.[59]” (Source: Wiki) Between the Nova Force and the Worldmind Nova becomes an exceptionally powerful entity able to transform the essence of Xandar culture into power energy. This character is your quintessential move-through superhero for those of you that have played Champions (Role Playing game 1970s).

Title Grade Last Sale Return (2-years)
Nova #1 9.8 $1099 +22%
  8.5 $95 +2%
  6.5 $72 +49%

nova-gamora-300x158 Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1Grades to Invest

I like the 8.5 grade and 6.5-grade books. The fine-plus Nova #1 has returned +49% over the last two years. It has only 95 books outstanding in CGC Census and costs a measly $72. The best choice is very fine-plus at $95. This is an exceptional copy, not easy to find in the Bronze Age, currently, only 451 exist per CGC Census in grade 8.5. So for a small amount of money, you can buy into a character that will possibly appear in at least two movies, and one potential TV series in the future. For a catalyst this is pretty good news, most of the time we are looking at a TV series or movie, not both. 

Nova1adigranov-200x300 Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1Nova Conclusion

This is a stand-up superhero out of different age. Back then the heroes did the right thing and knew who the villain was. More importantly, they knew the difference between right and wrong, so different from many of the anti-heroes we have today. In retrospect, I wish I still had my copy from when I was a kid. He wasn’t my favorite hero but he was fun to watch blast into villains.  Buy as high a grade as you can afford for this key. If you are a speculator then buy three copies, investor buy two and a collector go for near mint minus if you can afford it. Join the Nova Force Speculation Team and blast off to profits with RR.



FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Undervalued Bronze Age Key: Nova #1

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JB. October 24, 2020 - 9:09 am

I was fortunate to buy this off the newsstand too and it survived a flooding event we had in 1983. I still have it. I think it would slab above a 9.0 if I ever part with it. #4 is a cool SS4 swipe too.

Norman Robinson III November 2, 2020 - 1:41 am

Good for you, I wish I still had my original Nova. Look this book is just getting started. Most folks haven’t realized with each year we get further away from the 20th Century these Bronze Age books simply gain value, year after year. Thanks for reading. Nam


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